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    My recruiter told me that I would either be getting Intel or Intel Linguist for my MOS. He said that I would have to take a DLAB to determine which one I get. I understand the point of the DLAB but I was wondering if there is any way for me to study for it. And, by the way, what would I be doing as an Intel Linguist that I wouldn't be doing as plain Intel? (Obviously besides speaking another language)

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    Unless the DLAB is different now from '83 it will be almost impossible to study for. It is a test based on mumbo-jumbo words and phrases that you have a very short time to memorize, or they may even be on paper for you to refer to. Anyway, it is just a test to see if you have the ability to learn and comprehend different languages. As I said, I took it in '83 and again in '84 when I picked up some additional schooling for my MOS (2621). Eventually, I was a manual morse intercept/non-morse intercept/basic linguist operator and could run the crap out of a target-specific intercept position.
    In answer to the second part of your question, the big difference is where you would go to school for your specific MOS. The two fields most often work together, as they rely on each other to be able to receive and supply timely processing and reporting of collected data. In the non-linguist side of the field, there are many different specific jobs. Some collect intel, others process it, and others report the significance of it up the chain of command. This is a VERY basic breakdown of how it works, but you should get the picture. Either side of the equation is a great job and offers much opportunity to do great things. Good luck to ya, and let us know how things turn out.

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    Its no different now... the DLAB isn't really something you can study for.

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