Marine Corps Ball
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    Marine Corps Ball

    Greetings my fellow Devil Dogs. This will be my first Marine Corps Ball with the Marine Corps League and I was wondering what uniforms are authorized to wear to the Ball? Just for ha ha's I took out my Dress Blues and Service Alpha's and am pleased that I still fit in them comfortably and neither have needed to see a tailor since Basic Training back in the winter of 2008.

    Please school this young devil on what uniforms are allowed at the Ball with the Marine Corps League.

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    You can wear either one you want but remember not to spill any thing on there that you can't wash out or dry clean. We have a Full bird Col. who comes every year dress in Class A Uniform for winter and he still looks sharp as for me no way in hell I could get into mine hahahaha

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    Thanks for the reply devil

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    Been Wearing mine to a few balls. Still fit, maybe a tiny looser.

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