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    SEC Sports

    Welcome to SEC Football.

    I started this in the Hooch so we could get loud and rowdy out of site of the civilians.
    Each week I'll post scores from around the SEC.

    Feel free to post comments, photo's, graphics and of course, talk trash.

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    If LSU is ever going to get a 4th National Championship, this is the year. After the debacle with Jeffersion being arrested for a bar fight, I though the Tigers had lost their edge in the quest for another BCS title. I had serious doubts about Jarrett Lee's abilities to lead this team. It's typical of the SEC to be filled with giants of the gridiron, but it seems Lee's slingshot arm may be a giant killer. I have been happily proven wrong about his abilities and maybe, just maybe, a new ring is in store for the LSU Tigers.

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    Jarrett Lee threw three touchdown passes, Michael Ford ran for two scores and No. 2 LSU made a case to be No. 1, beating No. 16 West Virginia 47-21 Saturday night.
    The Tigers (4-0) converted two turnovers into scores, built a big early lead and withstood West Virginia's strong comeback for its third win over a ranked opponent this season, with all of three coming away from home. Every win so far has been by double digits.
    Lee's three TD passes tied a career high and matched his output of the three previous games. He finished 16 of 28 for 180 yards.
    West Virginia (3-1) outgained LSU 533-366. West Virginia's Geno Smith set school records for completions (38), attempts (65) and passing yards (463). But he was intercepted twice after making one in the previous three games.
    For the second straight year, the Mountaineers (3-1) couldn't overcome a double-digit halftime deficit to the Tigers.
    And West Virginia couldn't pad its resume with a win over a Southeastern Conference opponent at a time when there's been speculation the SEC might be interested in the Mountaineers as a 14th school. Texas A&M is set become the 13th member when it leaves the Big 12 next season.
    West Virginia hadn't given up this many points at home since a 46-44 triple-overtime win over Louisville in 2005.
    Pinned deep by superb punting from Brad Wing, who averaged 49 yards on six kicks, West Virginia time after time stared at needing to drive the length of the field. The Mountaineers started six possessions inside their 15.
    West Virginia hoped to get off to a fast start, but for the third time this season, that didn't happen.
    LSU jumped ahead to stay with the help of two first-quarter turnovers and consistently won the battle of field position.
    Just before halftime, Tyrann Mathieu batted a pass into the air, caught it at the West Virginia 17 and ran to the 1. Lee found Chase Clement in the end zone two plays later to put the Tigers ahead 27-7. Lee also had first-half scoring tosses of 11 yards to Rueben Randle and 52 yards to Odell Beckham.
    But LSU missed a field goal and punted twice on its first three possessions after halftime, giving West Virginia a chance to close the gap.
    Smith found tight end Tyler Urban from 12 yards out to cap an 80-yard drive on West Virginia's first possession of the third quarter, then found Austin on a 72-yard pass play on the next series to set up Dustin Garrison's 1-yard run to cut the deficit to 27-21 late in the third.
    But Morris Claiborne returned the ensuing kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown, breaking two tackles along the way, to put LSU ahead by double digits to stay.
    Smith broke Mark Bulger's school records of 34 completions and 429 passing yards set against Missouri in the 1998 Bowl. Gerald Fisher held the previous mark of 57 pass attempts against Maryland in 1951.
    Austin caught 11 passes for 187 yards for the Mountaineers.

    The new polls are out this morning. In the AP poll, it seems Oklahoma has lost their No.1 ranking to LSU.

    <table class="tablehead" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr class="stathead"><td colspan="4">AP Top 25</td></tr><tr class="colhead"><td title="Rank" align="left">RK</td><td title="" align="left">TEAM</td><td title="" align="center">RECORD</td><td title="Points" align="center">PTS</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-99"><td>1</td><td>LSU (42)</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">1471</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-201"><td>2</td><td>Oklahoma (12)</td><td align="center">3-0</td><td align="center">1422</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-333"><td>3</td><td>Alabama (5)</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">1413</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-68"><td>4</td><td>Boise State (1)</td><td align="center">3-0</td><td align="center">1280</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-197"><td>5</td><td>Oklahoma State</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">1209</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-24"><td>6</td><td>Stanford</td><td align="center">3-0</td><td align="center">1205</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-275"><td>7</td><td>Wisconsin</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">1177</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-158"><td>8</td><td>Nebraska</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">991</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-2483"><td>9</td><td>Oregon</td><td align="center">3-1</td><td align="center">985</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-2579"><td>10</td><td>South Carolina</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">950</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-259"><td>11</td><td>Virginia Tech</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">883</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-57"><td>12</td><td>Florida</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">820</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-228"><td>13</td><td>Clemson</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">744</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-245"><td>14</td><td>Texas A&M</td><td align="center">2-1</td><td align="center">734</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-239"><td>15</td><td>Baylor</td><td align="center">3-0</td><td align="center">659</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-58"><td>16</td><td>South Florida</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">585</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-251"><td>17</td><td>Texas</td><td align="center">3-0</td><td align="center">466</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-8"><td>18</td><td>Arkansas</td><td align="center">3-1</td><td align="center">434</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-130"><td>19</td><td>Michigan</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">417</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-2628"><td>20</td><td>TCU</td><td align="center">3-1</td><td align="center">338</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-59"><td>21</td><td>Georgia Tech</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">298</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-277"><td>22</td><td>West Virginia</td><td align="center">3-1</td><td align="center">280</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-52"><td>23</td><td>Florida State</td><td align="center">2-2</td><td align="center">239</td></tr><tr class="evenrow team-23-356"><td>24</td><td>Illinois</td><td align="center">4-0</td><td align="center">179</td></tr><tr class="oddrow team-23-9"><td>25</td><td>Arizona State</td><td align="center">3-1</td><td align="center">112</td></tr></tbody></table>
    • Dropped from rankings: USC 23
    • Others receiving votes: Michigan State 51, Houston 38, Auburn 25, Iowa State 21, Ohio State 15, Kansas State 14, Utah 12, Penn State 9, Georgia 8, Washington 4, Tennessee 3, Notre Dame 3, Navy 2, USC 2, Mississippi State 1, Missouri 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer3 View Post
    Read where the swamp folks think Nick was a traitor? Let's see; he left swamp land went to the beach,and two years later received at the time the largest football coach paycheck in history for going to the hills of Bama. Hell, he would have been an idiot if he hadn't went.
    I sure wish I could be like the traitor he was. When Bama gets through with those tigers; they will be pussy cats.

    Like I was saying Mitch, we hate Saban!

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    For what reason? Nick didn't leave LSU to go to Bama; he left and went to Florida. How does that figure into the hate for him? Frankly, it was a smart business move, and coaching is a business, on his part.

    Come November 5th; we'll welcome the Tigers to the BEAR DEN,and send them home as pussy cats. LSU Tiger wannabees.

    Last edited by Hammer; 09-26-11 at 06:42 AM. Reason: spelling

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    Its just a game

    Look sports rivals are fun with some smack talking.

    But here is what some of the die hard extreme sports fans need to think about. I have seen too many fist fights start over my team is better than yours an you suck cuase your team is this.

    Its a game, some one wins an someone loses.

    Dont get mad when your team makes a mistake. You are sitting either in the stand or at home an not the one playing.

    At the end of the game shake hands an be respectful if you win or loose. Its called good sportsmanship has something about setting a good example an respect that is lacking today in sports.

    Not starting riots, beating up other fans of other teams ect.
    Its a game get over it your not the one playing they are an someone else is coaching not you. If you had the skills then you would be either coach or a player.

    Man I am going to hate it if I ened up at OSU an have to deal with the retard sports fans that have no sense.

    Anyway good luck on your guys teams an may the best team win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer3 View Post
    For what reason? Nick didn't leave LSU to go to Bama; he left and went to Florida. How does that figure into the hate for him? Frankly, it was a smart business move, and coaching is a business, on his part.

    Come November 5th; we'll welcome the Tigers to the BEAR DEN,and send them home as pussy cats. LSU Tiger wannabees.
    Some people have loyality issues to thier team an some are very extreme in thier love for a team were rational thinking is no longer an option.

    A friend of mine is dating a guy who is a die hard extreme OSU fan. he refuses to talk to an meet her grandparents becuase they live in Michigan.
    Dont ya think that is a some what dumb an idiotic? The kicker is he has never gone to OSU or any live games so more or less he is just a poser.

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    The Bama/LSU game will be good, regardless of the outcome. If Bama get's beat, I'll hate it, but I'll be in the stands rooting to the last play.

    Now, the Bama/Auburn game is a different story. I'll drown my sorrows if we lose with Gin. Those are the Tigers I have no use for. Just kidding; it's a game, but it means whether we have a complete season or not.

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    Warbyrd,, it's the same problem us ol salts have been discussing. Old vs new, it just ain't like it used to be.
    It's called "sportsmanship". Talking trash is fun, makes for a more interesting game, and can instill respect for each other if after the game you can shake hands, smile and say "next time buddy, next time", and mean it. I've been doing this thread for about 12 years in a variety of community forums. I have a photo, graphic, or come back for just about anything someone can throw at me, and if I don't, I can photoshop up one in just a few seconds. In all those years I have ran across very few of the type your talking about. Guess it's because I hang with the ole farts, who understand that sportsmanship is just another name for Honor. My tat says "Death Before Dishonor USMC", and I mean every word of it.

    Semper Fi

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    I think it really depended on the person. There were a few guys who were die hard OSU/ huge sports fans while I was in the infantry but they always had good sportmanship, talked smack an shook hands if someone beat thier team.

    I had this newly promoted Staff my last tour in Iraq. he was a Bears fan an they played a good season an went to the super bowl. He was butt hurt after the big game cuase they got thier butts kicked. It was the same when a couple UFC fights happened an his fighter Chuck Lydale got beat by Rampage Jackson. Good fight but he was all butt hurt over the next few days acting like a moron an having temper tantrums.

    god I hated big sports events becuase it would mean him an I would have one of our little He thought he knew something an I would have to correct him deals. An it would get old becuase he had personal issues with me.

    I forget what big event was going on but I was going to be up late for Crypto change over an his team lost, then we had our little chat about some procedure that he thought I was doing wrong on ordering back up parts. ( note he would use the same notes that were mine an my template to get his special parts for his gear).

    So he told me he was working on a charge sheet for disrespect since I was not treating with the respect of his rank as a SSgt. I told him when he started acting like a Marine first, then keeping his professional demonor as a SSgt instead of acting like a Petty Officer then maybe I would treat him as such. He grabbed a 6 thousand dollar circuit card I just boxed up an chucked it like a child. i went picked up the box an told very nicely to leave an he was in time out an if he ever did that again i would put him in the corner like my 2 yr old. I didnt care that his team or teams were having problems or the fact we didnt like each other. This wasnt the navy, this wasnt 29 palms an he was a Instructor anymore, he was back in the fleet an not in the drama filled 29 palms Aplha Company.
    The guy was navy then decided to to become a Marine he was 2 years my junior but he got selected before I got with the unit.

    The next day when I came in he was there, we had a chat an something like that never happened again.

    I have dealt with more sports idiots in the Comm units than say my infantry unit but IMO infantry units have a better coehesion, brotherhood that other units dont have or just in my experiance.

    But good luck with ya team an we will see how it works out. One of my good friends in the infantry was my school rival from the wrestling team. Due to the death of thier teammate they never went to the CCC meet an i won that tourment an he was beat out in districts but never faced me. So the running joke was that medal I had was his. It got soo bad that his wife cleared out the living room an told either kick my butt or shut up. I still have the medal by the way.

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    Your right Mitch, that's going to be one great game, can't wait.

    Mitch,,,,I guess the hate thing by Tiger fans would be like if your wife ran off with Bill Gates. Youíd hate it but kinda understand, money, and prestige of being married to a billionaire. Then say she divorced him, and married your biggest rival and archenemy after only two years of abandoning you. Now that would suck and really **** you off, at least it did us.

    I love every SEC team, I believe we are the best Conference in the U.S. Since 1998 there has been seven SEC teams in the title game with seven wins. I actually have always like Bama, especially when Bear was there. Itís just some people with the teams that I don't like, Saban is one, and Timmy boy Tebow is another. Donít know if you saw it, but in one game Timmy boy held out his palm and mimicked writhing on it. It was some of that paper Tiger bull**** of his, then we handed his ass to him and beat the **** of them. He had never shown or had any respect for us.

    But if Bama goes to Atlanta instead of us, Iíll be screaming ďRoll Tide, roll SEC West!Ē The same if they go to the BCS Championship game, just like I did in 09 against Texas.

    Now my daughter is a little different about them, she just hates them because her dope headed mother is from there and is a big Bama fan.
    I raised her right as a single parent, she shoots, fishes, camps out, canoes, loves boxing, and like her ol daddy, is a LSU and Saints nut. No question she was raised by a Marine. But the Bama thing is one I couldnít change, lol.

    Good luck and may the best SEC West team get to represent the Conference in the big game. Having said that,,,,,,
    Semper Fi brother.

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    Still too early in the season to be talking about a particular team winning a championship. Starters get hurt (ask UT about their star receiver) and some even get arrested.

    I do hope the SEC keeps its streak of national championships alive; if that can't happen, at least don't let a Big 10 team win it!

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    Thanks for the post. I kinda understand where you're coming from and the anaolgy you used. However, if my wife left me for my rival and archenemy; I'd laugh my ass off, because in my opinion she would have gotten what she deserved, and he as well.

    Like you, I love every SEC team, including Auburn, except one re; Ole Miss, and I'm from and live in Mississippi. The conference will get even better, IMO, now that Texas A&M will be in the conference.

    Mentioning Coach Bryant. I did business with him beginning in 1972, and continued to do so until his death. He was a tough, gruff, business person, but had a pure gold heart, and very honest in his dealings.. I have several things that he gave me that I treasure.

    If we don't make it to the SEC dance, and you do; I'll root for the Tigers.

    Semper fi!

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    If we donít make to Atlanta Iím hoping Bama does. Ole Miss has never been and I canít say that bothers me much. Mama and Daddy were big LSU fans, but mama also pulled for the Vols and Rebels due to the Manning boys being there.

    Letís all hope for no injuries to key players Top.
    At LSU with Jefferson gone, if Jarrett Lee gets injured, were done.

    Iím hoping the PAC 12 doesnít make to the big game. . No love lost here with that bunch of liberal ďgnarly dudesĒ at USC.

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