looking for old freinds
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    looking for old freinds

    sgt. kevin mitchelle and i were at a big formal dinner at rmc barracks in portsmouth after training in norway together, two of the british marines showed us the town after a lot of singing and toasting at the barracks, i remember a lcpl, Charles but i cant remember the other i heard from sgt. mitchelle that one of them died in the falklands a few months later we actually followed them out of port ande were sent to stand off rosie roads in case we were asked to help them in there war. i hope to find kevin or anyone who remembers that party circa 81after alloy hammer in norway semper fi, Per mare per tarrem

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    YP13... this post has been noted and put on the site OAMAAM.. (Royal Marines site)

    Can you remember the date in 81.. was it Aprl??? or October?? Also what is your name as then if you were serving with the Royal Marines then someone else might just remember you as well..

    See ya

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    Just a thought... Who were you with in Norway and at what location???


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    I was with usmc helicopter sqd. Hml 167 we came on the uss lguadalcanal
    Narvic norway jan feb. 81.

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    I think it was 5 commando we had an exchange program one of our gunny sargeants wore the green commando beret

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    Sgt. Charles Welshans usmc (TAZZ). We were near narvick our huey squadron went yearly jan- march.

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    It is usually 45 Cdo based in Arbroath that would do Exercise "Springtrain" in Norway but you may have some ML's or SC's that were Portsmouth or Poole based taking part.
    If you check The Garden of Remembrance out on SAMA site, http://www.sama82.org.uk/1982/Garden...8/Default.aspx it lists all those we lost in the Flalklands. Hope this helps.

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