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    Question #320985903 on Recon.


    I'm older for a recruit, nearly 28 now. I've been through MEPs, and got my ship date etc. Nothing outside of a high school education but did manage a 98 on my ASVAB. I have a few non-infantry MOS's listed as my "top 3" but was just wondering if I would be offered a Recon spot based on my PFT scores. I can pretty easily do the 20 pullups, 100 crunches and run the 3 miles fast enough. I have read that you may be offered a Recon spot if you score high enough. Not to be rude, but none of those things don't really seem "difficult" enough to really determine if someone is able to complete the Recon training. The ASVAB seemed more like high school freshman level stuff and I can complete the physical portion easily as someone that wasn't offered any kind of college scholarship.

    I was wondering if they simply offer Recon to anyone that can score high enough on their PFT or there is more to get involved.

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    Physical ability is a good portion of the requirement
    Add basic street smarts to be able to think through a problem
    Add ability to operate independently
    Add mental toughness and self reliability
    Add team player
    How long a list do you want ?

    Short answer your Charles Atlas body will not guarantee a slot
    If you are in the slot the body will not guarantee your survival

    Opens another story (RVN)
    My C.O. assigned a new "guy" to my team
    I was sure this 5' 100 lb female would get the team dead on the next mission
    Turns out she was a 4th degree black belt.

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    I'm fairly certain Recon doesn't actively recruit non Infantry Marines. I guess their thought process would be if someone signs up as a Linguist, as an exaopmple, they probably aren't thinking about going to Recon. You can't bank on them being at your SOI class, even if you're in ITB. They don't hold an indoc for every class. If you're sure that's what you'd like to do, why not go in with a Recon contract? Lat moving requires you to be released by your Battalion Commander, and that's not always easy. They look out for what's best for the unit, not whats necessarily best for you. You can't even legitimately request a lat move without two years on Station.

    Also, in my experience, by the time people reach the point where they could lat move, the're too comfortable where they are and don't end up doing it. My advice, for what it's worth, would be if you want to go Recon, go Recon. If not, take one of the other MOS's that interest you. Not to say there's no way you'd end up there down the road, but it's a much more difficult proposition if you don't go straight away.

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    Good answers.

    Closed, asked and answered.

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