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    Question going from reserve to active

    ok have a few questions and need advice from other devil dogs that either know about this (IE admin) or that have done this. ive been in for a year and half and i NEED to go active. im tired of this bs civy life. havnt found a job yet school is kickin my ass and getting kicked outta my house very soon. ive heard that it takes almst 2 years now to go active becuz of the number of marines trying to do the same thing. i also had a question about the GI bill. i dont rate the post 9/11 yet but got an opening in sheriffs academy. so with the Montgomery bill i havnt even been in for 2 years so i have to get my CO to sign off it anyway. If i use the bill now and then say down the road i got active, do i rate the post 9/11 or is it llike i already used it?

    any advice would b appreciated devils
    RAH! Semper Fi!
    Lcpl Stone

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    Going from reserve to active is nearly impossible. I used the world nearly because it could possibly be done if the stars align, god descends from the heavens, and you are best friends with General Amos. Best of luck to you!

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    Negative, it is possible, I just did it. However in your case it is difficult, but not impossible. You just began a reserve contract. The first thing you need to do is read the order.

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    Go through your chain of command and see if you do one of these deployments;

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    thankyou for the advice gentleman
    @Sgt-that comment made me laugh and cry at the same haha

    @SSgt-thankyou for your advice but what do you mean when you said read the order?

    @Captain-Thankyou sir for that link. i found this, "OCONUS, 3531, E3, DRIVER, 1/2/2012, 18 MONTHS, (POC S i_mef_g-1_ima-rlo@usmc.mil (760)-725-9153) and (CE1834 dont understand this sir)" so i just ask my unit through COC for this opportunity to go active for the 18 months? i read the ELIGIBILITY but im still confused sir?

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    It can definitely be done, just kinda harder in your case I would think. But I say, hey, it it doesn't work out, def take the Sheriff's Academy opening Brother.

    Semper FIdelis,

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    The Marine Corps Order. Use google, I'm sure you'll find it.

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    http://goo.gl/f7nAX Recommended here! I like it here! You will love it!

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    If you match the rank (usually one up/one down) and have the MOS, just contact the POC by phone or email and they will give you instructions. Sometime noone gets back to you. I recommend letting your COC know what you're doing at all times.

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