Hiking help.
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Thread: Hiking help.

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    Hiking help.

    How are you Marines?

    Ever since boot i've completely sucked at hikes. My question is what exercises can I do to improve myself.

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    One Thing Is Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water Or Gatoraid The Night Before And During Breaks. Dont Drink Soda Or Beer The Night Before You Will Get Dehydrated Then Your In Trouble Good Luck

    Stehen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Char2000 View Post
    Ever since boot i've completely sucked at hikes. My question is what exercises can I do to improve myself.
    I guess that depends on what part of hiking you suck at...

    My advice (do all three):

    1 - try biking to build leg strength and cardio - even if it's the stationary bike at the gym

    2 - run stadium steps as part of your work out - consider adding your pack for this (for added weight).

    3 - hike - grab a civilian pack and hit some civilian trails on the weekends (with a buddy)

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    I think it's endurance. After a few miles my legs can't keep the speed up. Turns into a 2 hour pain train after that

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    In that case, I think those three steps I recommended will help -- the one other thing to add is to stretch - a lot. If you want to build leg strenth and endurance, be sure to stretch your leg muscles every day - more than just the usual 20 second stretch before a run.

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    How about leg presses? Squats?

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    That'll help some, but that's really not going to do much for endurance.

    I used to be a big weightlifter, and while squats and leg presses (and other exercises) will make you stronger, you're not going to get the multi-hour strength / endurance that you need for hiking by doing 4 or 5 sets of squats.

    It's like pull ups -- weightlifting helps, but the only way to get better at pull ups is to do pull ups and other bodyweight exercises.

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    I've found simply doing them is the best way to get used to it. In the field, on deployment, I lost about 30lbs, a lot of muscle and strenght, became relatively emaciated, but became really used to going on movements/humps...really tough ones with really heavy packs (that get heavier when they are soaked in water during river crossings). Despite losing a lot of strength and weight I became much better at humps than I am now, now that I've been back at a FOB for a month and have been lifting and running everyday (I go out in the field now on short term basis, and despite putting on weight and lifting/running, I have more trouble on those short trips than when I was living out in the filed for three+ months).

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    I see. I think i'll start biking more. My legs in general are my weak link. I can max my pull ups and crunches, running though? pfft yeah right. I spent two months at 29 palms (lucky me huh?), PT every morning, tons of running (led by instructors). No improvement

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    Yeah, its like pullups....really you have to do them to get better at them. Other stuff may help, but doing the deed works best. In my experience, at least. I find humping/hiking as more mental than anything, since you are going to be uncomfortable, regardless. Maybe that's why its best just to do it, to get used to it...to get used to the mental anguish.

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    What base are you at???????

    One low impact way to get your rucks up is to take your pack to the gym and use the bikes, standing up, or the stair stepper. These are pretty low impact compared to actual hikes, and actually work your legs more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Char2000 View Post
    How are you Marines?

    Ever since boot i've completely sucked at hikes. My question is what exercises can I do to improve myself.
    Avoid it as much as you can, lest you need knee replacement surgery when you are 25. Nobody is good at them, there is always someone who can outhike you setting the pace.

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