Cssd-35 Lower Mef Subic Bay 90-91
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    Cssd-35 Lower Mef Subic Bay 90-91

    Looking for any Marines stationed with CSSD-35 90-91, Comm Plt.

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    Bro, I was with Motor T Section next to you guys. I got there in April of 90. Did a total of 18 months there. I've been back countless times after the base closed. I have a spot there located near the rear entrance to the base.

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    1st Trip upper Mef Replaced 9th Recon Desert Storm
    2nd Trip Lower Mef and left shortly after cleanup of pinatubo :-(

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    Looking for Marines stationed at MCAS(H) MABS-16 during 1975 - 1977. Particularly looking for sgt. J. Rodriguez, last known duty station Barstow, Ca. Sgt. F. Macias, and Ssgt. Ramos last known duty station Cuba.
    Thanks for helping

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