camp hansen !974-1975
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    camp hansen !974-1975

    Looking for any Marines that was at Camp Hansen 1974-1975 or was in operation Frequent wind..... Just trying to get in touch.

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    Got any names? There were quite a few that rotated back to my platoon at E 2/7 in '76.

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    Curtis Michael Sanders~, 2nd Battalion,4th Marines, 3 FMF 24 BLT , HOTEL COMPANY , ‎1974 Okinawa Camp Hansen/Boot Camp , PARIS ISLAND, Jan.29,1974/Operation Eagle Pull/ Operation Frequent Wind

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    I was with Hotel Co. At Camp Hansen late 74-75. I was in Operation Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind

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    I was with Hotel 2/4 doing Operation Eagle Pull and Frequent

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    Hansen 74-75 Blt3/4 Uss Thomaston Uss Monticello And Uss Vancouver 3rd Fsr! 2131

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    Camp Hansen 1974-1976

    I was in Operation Frequent Wind 1975 with Det. A 3rd Med Bn. I was station with Charlie Co. 3rd Med Bn, Motor Transport.

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    Loved that island, so damn beautiful.

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    I got to Hansen near the end of July 74. Was initially the Platoon Sgt. of 1st Platoon, Hotel Company. Didn't like the 1stSgt., so I played on the 3rd Marine Division Football Team until the season ended sometime in November of 74. Was transferred to Fox Company and took over 1st Platoon there as Platoon Sergeant. I have a flag with every one of my Marines' names on it, but I cannot find any of them. When we went on the ships, I was on the LPD USS Vancouver. I was definitely on both Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull.

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    I was at Camp Schwab at that time.

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    I never went to Camp Schwab. Always was at Hansen. Went through there on my way in and out of Vietnam in January of 67, February of 68, April of 68, and spent 18 days there after leaving Vietnam on 19, August 68. I didn't like Okinawa very much. That was probably because I was married and had a young son who I missed back in the states.

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