How is the Marine Corp?
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    How is the Marine Corp?

    I just wanna know how a normal day works for you guys in the Marine Corp. My couz tells me its pimpin and all but that they try and tell u how to dresse and stuff.

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    Yes. They tell you how to dress. It's called a uniform.

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    LOL, first of all you had better grasp onto the english language and join not because it's "pimpin" but because you want to become of the baddest mf'ers to ever walk the planet. I've been out for a while and am trying to get back in now. ABSOLUTELY amped up about the opportunity to get back in with my brothers and lead other motivated Marines and weed out the ones that are there for "pimpn" times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamspartacus View Post
    Yes. They tell you how to dress. It's called a uniform.
    Obviously, im talkin about what i wear in my free time...

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    This clown is a troll.

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    @ dave and jmccready: im still working on my english, u got a problem with that??

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewookie View Post
    This clown is a troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoftballCatch23 View Post

    Lets see, just joined today no name or number for his recruiter and now an attitude . Yes I'd have to say this is prime troll material

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    yo u guys are funny. im not trying to have beef with nobody, just wanna inform myself. im not taking no disrespect though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewookie View Post
    This clown is a troll.
    Yep....that's my take.

    I'm going EVR (exercising verbal restraint) and await extraction.
    SC23....hope the '46's are en route.

    Carry on...

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    You come on this site and spell Marine Corps wrong and you aint taking no disrespect? Your father should have spanked you more often for he did not do his job very well.

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    Ill bite (a little).

    The Corps has a dress code at ALL times. You are ALWAYS a Marine and as such should always strive to represent yourself and your Corps to the highest level possible. This doesnt mean you can not wear what you would like as that is simply not the case.

    You may get away with looking like a bag of ass (official Marine Corps term) well outside the base but ask yourself WWFSD (what would First Sergeant do)? If I saw you on base out and around with baggy shorts hanging off of you and a shirt with tails (not t shirt) not tucked in or with your cover on indoors I would tear into you as that is my job. It is the Corps, there is a rule or a guideline for everything. You are not "stifled" by the Corps, you are proud to adapt and accept it as the new improved you.

    All of us take a great deal of pride in our Corps and to see it misrepresented is very upsetting.

    Ill give you some slack because you are NOT a Marine but the way you represent yourself is about 180 degrees from what we have become accustomed to while dealing with our own.

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    Lorenzo, listen to me, this is how it will be
    Yu get to old PI you tell em hi for me
    you get down dirty, you do PT
    you ain't gonna play, you aint gonna be
    like back in the hood, wearin all the bling
    The DIs, yo, they don't go for that thing

    You be sittin there illin, you aint gonna chill
    Your DI tells ya what he wants for his will
    You do it all right, he says man it's cool
    You don't do it right he PT you like a fool

    Aint no belts in good ol PI
    black belt, brown belt, it aint gonna fly
    you aint got guns, you just leave em at home
    turn em in to five oh so you won't get in the zone

    Listen to my song, man, cuz you know it's all right
    You know boot camp is gonna be soon out of sight
    You graduate, dawg, a Marine, and that's good
    Now you aint no pimp livin back in the hood

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    Yeah its pimpin for shizzle....gets to represent the block with the saggin' in a tactical vehicle with the mean lean skeezin' on the some dope.....I never had so much fun....Friday nite kumbaya name it the Marines will set you up.

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