Memorial Day Reflections.....
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    Memorial Day Reflections.....

    Memorial Day Reflections

    Memorial Day is a time to reflect upon those fallen American heroes who have given their lives to keep this nation safe..

    In many locales, Memorial Day has been sales,beach trips,BBQ's but not the reflection that it deserves.

    Memorial Day has been dubbed the unofficial start of summer.

    Many go to a beach,or park there is cold beer,soft drinks and alcohol flowing.

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken,ribs and all the fixings are in abundance with an impressive spread.

    The Marines,soldiers,sailors,airmen,and coast guard men and women that have fallen will never again have the chance to be with the families that most hold dearly in celebration this weekend.

    From 1776 to present day many fallen heroes have met their demise and the life was cut short in an instant.

    On the battlefield or in slumber many have gone before us and gave their lives so that we as a nation can continue to have the freedoms that we have now.

    From the Battle of the Brandywine,Valley Forge, the halls of Montezuma,the hills San Juan, the bloody farms of Gettysburg,Antietam and Shiloh, the fields Normandy, the beaches and sands of Iwo Jima, the frozen tundra of Chosin,Inchon and Pusan, to the jungles and paddies of Khe Sanh,and the Mekong Delta.

    From the peacekeeping mission in Beirut, and the liberation of the island of Grenada in Operation Urgent Fury.

    The Cold War, Persian Gulf.

    And now the present day battle in Iraq on the road to Fallujah, and the mountains and towns of Afghanistan.

    And all these fallen heroes died so that their comrades and the people of this free land could drink a beer and have a picnic with their families,something that these men and women will no longer be able to do.

    Let us take time on this weekend to reflect and memorialize our fallen brethren!

    Semper Fidelis!

    It cannot be inherited.
    Nor can it ever be purchased.
    You and no one alive can buy it for any price.
    It is impossible to rent, and it cannot be lent.
    You alone and our own have earned it.
    With your sweat, blood and lives.
    You own it forever.
    The title,


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    On Memorial Day 1995, in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Chaplain Ray Stubbe, who had served with the 3d Marine Division in Vietnam offered this prayer

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