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    Exclamation Very annoying and difficult position

    Good afternoon Marines and poolees. Today (moreso, this entire week) I'm stuck in a place where I don't know where to go first. So just so I save everyones time, I'm gonna shorten the situation:

    I'm 17, turning 18, this June 15th. I want to enlist in the Marine Corps. I've been thinking about it for four years.
    My parents don't want me to go. Typical reasons: "I'm too valuable, its not worth it, I'm just gonna dies, too smart, too talented," yaddah yaddah.
    While I am petty smart, and pretty talented, in my opinion, it does not make me better than anyone willing to die for me and this country. Plus I can use this intelligence and talent through the military.
    I've been accepted to 5+ colleges (here comes the difficult part)
    I do want to go to college. MAYBE even become an officer. If that specifically is right for me..
    So my original plan was to go to college for one year (and attempt nrotc while I'm there. Courses overall last from september to april per year)
    My parents said that if they "couldn't find a good nrotc program", would I still go to college first, or the Marines first.
    I told them I would stick with my original plan anyway. Then they said no and just do two years first. Then they said four al out.
    When I asked why all of a sudden, they said because they don't want me enlisting halfway through, and waste thei rmoney.
    They don't listen when I say I'll start college right were I left off, once I get the chance, without any money wasted, and i'd have the g.I. bill, and tuition assstance.
    They dont listen at all.

    Soooo... any tips on what I should do? Anything would be much appreciated.

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    Decide if you want officer or enlisted, wouldn't be a bad idea to go to college first and then decide what you want.

    Then again... I threw away college to enlist so don't listen to me.. officer life is certainly better and probably worth the 4 year wait.

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    If you've already been accepted to college, I'd likely take that route. I turned down a full ride scholarship to enlist....and while I truly don't regret it, my bank account sure will when I draw my retirement.

    A degree is worth it in the end, money wise. FYI, I'm encouraging both my kids to try and get into one of the service academies.

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    Your parents are right, statistically speaking. A student is more likely to return to college and complete their degree if they've completed two years before they left than if they had only completed one.

    Just to add a little perspective, according to the Department of Education, only 28% of adults over the age of 25 have a college degree (or higher). Twenty-eight percent! Statistically speaking, if you have (for example) 350 kids graduate in your high school class, only 98 would go on to graduate from college (at some point in their lifetime). That means the other 252 won't -- some of them may go to college, but they won't graduate. And of the 98 who do, how many won't actually graduate until they are in their 30s or 40s?

    Just a little advice - go to college. Earn your bachelor's degree. During those four years, make up your mind about enlisting or becoming an officer. Nothing says that you can't graduate college and then enlist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post
    A degree is worth it in the end, money wise. FYI, I'm encouraging both my kids to try and get into one of the service academies.
    According to the last U.S. Census, someone with a bachelor's degree earns, on average, $20,000 a year more than someone with only a high school diploma or "some college."

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    College is where its at. I enlisted at 17 passed up full academic rides. While I have had a nice time on the enlisted size. you will recieve more respect and more money as an officer. The Corps will always be here. A college degree would be great. Everyone already put up statistics on what you could earn. Trust me Lance pay isnt all too great. Work hard study hard and one day you may earn the right to Lead.

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    I echo all the above. Go to college, if you're really interested in becoming a Marine look into the PLC program. It's during your summers and upon graduation, you'll be commissioned an officer. No NROTC to deal with and you'll be paid during your training period

    Read this link completely then give it to your parents to read

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    Being old corps, I have to disagree. Being a Marine was worth more than any college education.
    But things change, GO TO COLLEGE !!!

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    Either way, go to college. You can be in the NROTC even without the scholarship and sort of get a feel for it. If you can get the scholarship, you can drop it after your freshman year with zero obligation if it isn't what you want. If you don't have a scholarship, be awesome and get one. I'm in MECEP right now part of the NROTC in San Diego, and the "College Programmers" (NROTC Midshipmen without a scholarship) are some of the most hardworking, driven people I've met because they're fighting to be officers. If you've got it in you, its worth the wait to pin those butter bars on. I, personally, can't wait.

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    You should go to college whether you serve in the military or not. It will open many doors for you in the future including the ability to become an officer if you choose. Many enlisted Marines have degrees as well.

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    You may not believe it, but you are a by-product of you parents. They know what they are talking about and you should listen to what they are telling you. Can't blame them much for not wanting you in the military. Very young men & women are being maimed and dieing each and every day in this crazy war. This is a very serious and important decision you are going to make and I suggest you think long and hard on the subject. I have two male children that I advised not to join the military and they didn't. I still have them and they are in one piece. Actually they are not children anymore. They are 54 and 52.

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    Thank you all for your advice. And I agree on thinking long and hard about it more. Im going to college for Intelligence and National Security (Which is the mos I hope to get in the Marines 02xx) And I do want to become an officer, especially in a time like this. The government is debating on whether or not to decrease military pay? Possible long term operations in Afghanistan? Its not looking good for our military personnel. And my upperclassman friend who was so gung ho and belt fed into enlisting, just recently got a feeling of regret for it. (Mainly because he's used to getting exactly what he wants, but thats no excuse) I would rather be an officer, and have something to fall back on.
    I do get frustrated because I want to become a Marine so bad, that I feel like I can't wait. Which is bad, but I've wanted to earn my title so bad, I almost dropped my music career completely for it.
    I'll most likely just have to endure it for four more years.

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