I know this is a little off topic, because it is not about my son ... but I'm just so relieved.

I know little about TriCare, except that it has been a saving grace for my mom who is covered because of my dad's service in the Navy. Yesterday, she found out that TriCare would cover the cost of a treatment which needs to be administered for 2 hours a day for 4 consecutive weeks. It is a treatment to regenerate skin cells due to a serious burn injury which actually happened many years ago, but it now causing her a great deal of pain.

I know I should know more about her plan, but what I do know is that it has allowed me peace of mind concerning my mom's welfare. I can't imagine what the out-of-pocket cost would be for such a treatment, and neither my mom or myself would have been able to afford such cost without great hardship.

For years, anytime my mom picks up a prescription from the pharmacy, she walks away, looks heavenward and says "Thank you, Eugene."