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    I don't, I wanted to know if I could go home for 4 years with Security Forces, godammit... that would've been the tits. Good going guys... now this kid is never coming back to tell me who the fvck his friend at bangor is...

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    Sorry bro....he was totally out of line. I'm not going to let some wannabee punk talk to me like I'm an idiot or some kid from da hoooood.

    Did you talk to your 'jammer about SF?

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    They don't know balls about it, I'm thinking MSG or something to hopefully see the world. Wouldn't mind being close to home though. It might have been a rumor about 4 years in SF but it'd be worth it to investigate and see if it's going to be an option in the future.

    And dude, he just wanted to know what he could expect from the Marine Corps in terms of re-enlistment. Would you want him coming into the Marine Corps expecting to do 20 years in? A lot of guys get forced out and go to the Army because promotions are typically going to happen faster. Less sh*tbirds makes everyone's jobs easier..

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    Likely as not they don't, you are right. Those programs change up all the time, sometimes even by quarter. Depends on how many Marines they need, and where.

    You know what you might do is contact MCSFC direct. Call the 1stSgt at the 'det. Hey, it's worth a try if nothing else works.

    MSG from what I understand is good duty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil1087 View Post
    And dude, he just wanted to know what he could expect from the Marine Corps in terms of re-enlistment.

    I think if his tone was a little different in the begining then he might have gotten more constructive answers. I mean, dude, the kid is in HS -- what value/purpose is there to get answers for a moving target that is many years down the road.

    What do you need to know about SF? 4 year contracts - are you in the fleet now and going to reenlist to go there?

    You are better off talking to the source, IE call the schoolhouse/career jammer, rather than talk to a HS kid getting second hand info from his BFF.

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