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  1. lol

    good one brother lol. SF:marine:
  2. Well said brother, thanks for backing me up, and...

    Well said brother, thanks for backing me up, and yes I agree with Yellowing this should be moved to Private Messages. Semper Fi
  3. Grow a Pair

    That, and if you really want this to go away you can grab a pair, and just tell everyone exactly what it was you sent me on my profile, and in the PM's before I deleted them. Im sure everyone hear...
  4. lol

    Not you Top, your good to go lol. I was referring to someone else lol.:D
  5. lol

    lol, yeah not that I would do it, just stating whats in the regs lol:D
  6. Boots

    Uhh Actually you can:D


    1. Authority

    a. The CMC has extended the privilege of wearing civilian clothing to officers and enlisted Marines within the...
  7. Agree

    I agree with you. I posted all of this information just to let people know the facts nothing more. I could care less if a Marine wears his old Cammie cover out and around. My dad, and uncle used to...
  8. Discharged Retired Marines Wearing the Uniform

    As per a suggestion I am moving these posts here to this thread to start a new discussion. Its all copy and paste but im sure you guys will get the jist of it lol:D

    This one is in regards to a...
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