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    Aircraft Rescue Personnel

    Hello, I just finished my processing at MEPS for the Marine Corps. My AFQT was 61 and my GT was 102. It is now up to me to decide on a MOS. I was real interested in the job Aircraft Rescue Personnel....
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice, I really...

    Thanks everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it. Seems that there is alot my recruiter does not seem to want to tell me... He tells me to reenlist as Counter Intelligence I have to be a Cpl....
  3. After first enlistment, is it difficult to reenlist?

    My name is Michael James. I'm currently in the process of joining the Marine Corps. I head to MEPS Wednesday of this coming week for my ASVAB and processing. I was going for a job in the INTEL field,...
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