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  1. About how long does it take a re enlistment / lat move take for approval

    Hey gents , Im submitting my lat move dec 1st i have it all completed ready to be pushed up once it reaches hqmc about how long does it take for approval ?
  2. Lat Moving to 0352 or 0351 what are some things i can expect ?

    Hey gents i put in my re enlistment for a lat move to 03xx my choices were 0352 , 0351 and 0331 . After my deployment is over i should hopefully have a seat in SOI . I was wondering what i would be...
  3. im in the process of re enlisting and 52's are...

    im in the process of re enlisting and 52's are pretty short on guys i know if you wanted to do marsoc youd be good the career planner was basically trying to sell his soul to get people into it . and...
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