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    Darn, thought that could be you. I was with H&S 3/9 Bn Supply down by the warehouses. If you go to my photo album, you'll see pic of the supply/armory area in Fuji.

    As for the avatar, go to the top left of this page to the 'my info' link and that should take you to where you'll find the avatar link on the left side of the page.

    Also, when someone posts in your visitor page, you can reply by going to their visitor page (instead of your own). That way they'll get a notification that you posted there. Took me a while to figure it out!!

    Good luck and Semper Fi!
  2. Okay question??? Just how do I get my Sgt stripes to show up to the left in that box??? Thanks..SGT DDS
  3. Wow small world eh? It may have been our BN Armorer a SSGT who looked at it for you. I was in the H&S Co 3/9 Armory and as assigned to the company Armory we were only allowed to handout weapons,take in,count,clean,inspect,inventory,do minor repairs, and keep the CO and ourselves from going to jail... due to a missing weapon etc.,. Since we were H&S Co we had all of H&S gear all the 81 & 60 mortars, the 60cal machine guns, 106's,pistols,bayonets,k-bars, bino's,night scopes,M-16's,Officers personal weapons,confiscated articles,cleaning supplies etc., etc., Every Friday about 1400 we had to inventory them all with an Officer or SNCO. If anything went a missin we went a briggin. So our SNCO favorite was our Co GySgt who quickly became our best know when things were lets say running late. His signature on the inventory sheet was worth gold. He knew where we slept at night and so ya didn't mess with the Gunny (O:") It was a smooth operation and we had it down pat after a few months. They even let me pick my asst as I would have to work with him for the year. So I grabbed a guy I went to ITS with and would work with and for me. We had some good times that year and saw alot of places on fly away to S.Korea & float all over the Pacific not to mention a few 72's on "The Rock." Ahhhh to be young and dumb again with $$$ in our pockets to burn..(O:"} Semper Fi...Dave (O:"}
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    Hey Sgt, thanks for the message. Did you run the armory when we were in Fuji during the WestPac float? I remember we were at the firing range up the road from the camp, and my rifle was set on semi-auto, but it somehow mistakenly fired the last 7 or 8 rounds in the clip on automatic. I rememer taking it to the armory and I was told there was a problem with the firing mechanism in my rifle? I'm just wondering if that was you? Semper Fi. Ken
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MCRD San Diego
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August 19, 1976
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ITS Camp Pendleton, Calif 8-29-76
FMF Okinawa, Japan Camp Schwab 11/16/76 to 11/16/77
Camp Pendleton Calif 12/16/77 to discharge 6/29/79
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Camp Fugi Japan
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WO3 R. Edelbrock/Sgt D.Winters - L/cpl D. Gore -Sgt R. Nix
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ITS O351/Anti Tank Assault-Okinawa H&S 3/9 Co Armorer 2111- Camp Pendleton 1stMarDivTOW Co- 1/1 Bravo Co Plt/Sgt Grunts 0311's
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Teaching Torah/Writing short stories/Avid reader/Woodworking
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Isaiah 40:31..."they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings of Eagles...." + "If not now when? If not me then who?"
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Blue & Steel Gray
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John Wayne Movies/A few Good Men/The Frisco Kid/Quigly Down Under/Shaw Shank Redemption
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The Bible/History/Marine Bio's


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