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    Please spread the word Brother.

    Thank you.
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    Happy Birthday Doc. Have a great day up in the Bronx or where ever you spend it.

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    Welcome aboard Doc, Semper Fidelis.
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    My e-mail is Would love to hear from you.
  5. Hello HM2-RXDoc Cribb-Wow-you replaced Big Willy-one of the finest people I've ever met in my life.Very good Pharmacist-most intelligent-and a hell of a decent person.He went to Navy Pharmacy School-I'm pretty sure he completed his College on the outside.He trusted only me-with the Narcotics keys -when he went to Hawaii to see his wife on R&R.I was truly honored.Do you Know -Jeffery Butler HM3-HM1 Jones Doesn't seem to remember.OH -there is an HM1 Jones that was also At MWSG-17 Dispensary.You will have to look further back a little to read his messages.Were you there when a Hutch took a direct 122 rocket-that killed everyone in the Hooch.Then you would know my friend-don't remember his rank-Little Joe.A good guy. Very strange place MWSG-17-if you read some of my past MWSG-17 posts.Sometimes it was dead at the Dispensary-We watched TV-then things would happen.Really a very un safe place.Corpsman weapons were taken away.....At any time A Marine could enter your Hutch and blow everyone away.I was once in the chow hall -eating chow and a bullet came through the corrugated tin roof.If a florescent light set-up wasn't there-the bullet would have gone right through the top of my head.Very nice speaking to you...Sent you a Friendship Thing-you'll see-some times on this site-when you post something-it never makes it to posting..Very strange...Bye for now--Allan Wilder
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    Allan, I just missed you.. I hit MWSG 17 in Sept as the pharmacy tech. Glad you made it home. My contact is holidays to you and yours.
    Hm2 Edward Cribb
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    Allan Thank You So Much For Those Messages,with Those Kind Words Semper Fi And Have A Nice Day Sir
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    Allan I Have Afavor To Ask, Could You Send Me Your Avitar Again Please> I Lost If While Putting You On My Friends List.
    Thank You
    Stephen Hansen
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    Allen I Would Be Honored To Be Your Friend Thank You.
    Semper Fi My Brother.
    Stephen Hansen
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    This might sound a little strange to you, but what the hell.....
    A while back I looked up H&MS 17 via Google. Somewhat to my surprise I got a hit (the only one) where 'Big Al' (Bert Kinyon) had just posted a question whether anyone was in H&MS 17 in '68, '69. I responded that I had been in that outfit, during that time frame. Bert responded almost immediatly, referring to me as Rocketman. To say that I was floored would be an understatement. Not only did he remember me, he recognized me by my real name and how I was known back then. Bert then got me connected to a couple of other friends from then - Andy Anderson & Doug Beckstead.

    For the majority of my life I have felt 'socially invisible', so to be remembered over 40 years later was a complete, but very pleasant shock. When you said you remembered Rocketman, the same feeling came over me. The fact that I remembered you guys didn't translate into assuming you guys would remember me - go figure. I cannot express how much this has meant to me, but let me assure you it was a really good feeling.
    Last fall Andy and I attended a get-together for veterans of the First Marine Air Wing Vietnam in South Carolina. Didn't run into anyone I knew, but it was still a kick. One of the things we did was go to Parris Island and watch a class graduate from boot camp. That was something I never expected to do, and it turned out to be really cool. The Marines on the base even arrainged to give us a tour, which was also a kick. They really treated us like VIP's.

    Andy lives in Portland, and has worked for the VA since shortly after getting out of the Marines. He is a lab tech, doing things like electrophoresis. He was a flare kicker in Vietnam. Bert did a lot of stuff, including acting in movies. The latter part of his career he was a spokesperson for Intel. I have mostly been some sort of 'cone-head', either working with electronics or programming computers. My wife and I retired in '99, before we were 50 but now we are looking to get back into some sort of career. Retirement is OK, but you never get a day off from it and all my friends are still working. Besides I really enjoyed working and had a lot of fun doing it.
    Hopefully your life has been fun & rewarding as well. Do you have kids? What kinds of things do you do for fun?
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About HM3 Doc Wilder

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About HM3 Doc Wilder
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Duty Stations:
PortSmith Naval Hospital-July1966-March1966,FMF-Corpsman Tr-School 3/67-4/67 1-28-5Th Mar-Div 5/67 -8/68 1-28-5Th Mar Div(BAS)9/18/68 MWSG-17-8/69-C batt Hill 1-9 Danang.USS-Tortuga-Aug16-Admitted To Long-Beach NH-10/69 US-Naval-Hospital Bainbridge Maryland 1/5/70-discharged from USN-Honorable Discharge
Favorite Duty Station:
Favorite Marine:
Staff Sergant-Belger-C-Co-1st Bat-28th Marines-5th Marine Div-He's Great-3 Tours in Da Nam
Wars and conflicts you were in involved in?:
Combat History:
MWSG-17,1-17 Marines-Contingency platoon-C-Battery - Hill 1-9 Marines
Military Biography:
I went Through FMf-Marine Corpsman Training At Area 13-Oceanside Calif. In April Of !967. After I was Sent to area 62-San Clemente-1st Bat-28th marines-5th Marine Division .I was A Corpsman in C-Company-With Staff-Sargent Belger-The Best.After spnding 13 months in C-Co-I was Transferred to the Bas.I recieved My orders to go to 1St Marine AirWing-Danang, Vietnam.I slept at Mag 11, The first Night There.The second day there, I was assigned to-MWSG-!7-I worked At The Dispensory-Doing Direct Patient Care.I was assigned to Contingency-Platoon -1,9-I used to go to these barrels, and squat.Don't lit a cigarette-Might get your head blown off.I was At MWsg-!7-from Sept 1968-To August 1969.I was part of Pres Nixon's-First Mountout from Vietnam.I had another month to go.I Would have extended another 6 months -tobe with the Marines and all my Corpsman friends.I was Put on the Tortuga-You Marines that were on that Mount-out ship might remember me- I was the Corpsman that turned yellow and every one on the ship had to get an extra Gamma-Globlin Shot-because of me..Remember Now? I did not have Hepititis-infectious or any a,b,c,&d-What I had was the worst case of Mononucleous. I was hospitalixed for 3 and 1/2 months-Then went to Bainbridge Maryland where I was-Discharged January 5,1970.I have always missed everyone-from MWSG-17 .Without me -saying anything-You know the Corpsman of MWSG-wer'e Great and Very Dedicated.I know you Rocketman and you know me.Dr.John Merjavy and Flight Surgeon Dr. Crash Johnson wer'e always there,working their tails off. So Those of you that remerber me-Terrific..-e-mail
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New York
Home State:
New York
High School:
Evander Childs H.S.
Retired Veterans Hospital-Radiological Technologist


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