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  2. I will keep that in mind. In the future I will try to write profiles that appease to your eyes. If it concerns you then perhaps you should report me.

    Your words here>>>"I want to hear more about your climb up mauna kea. I went to PTA suhhh suhhh suhh six times and we never did that climb."<<< That statement does not seem to be from someone who wants to have a talk about this trek. It's more of a statement from a jackass who is saying that because he went there "suh suh six times" and never did this climb, then anyone else who says they did surely must be questioned. After all, we all know how our USMC experiences must be based off of what you went through. And I was nice and gave you that link so you can read all about the climb up Mt Mauna Kea.

    So have you figured out what a LavaDog is, or are you still going to keep telling me and others that it is not 1/3's nickname? Time to man up!!

    And yes I got high in high school. Why do you ask?
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  4. What makes me laugh is how this site asks us for a "military biography", and when I write one I get called a liar, an embellisher, a fraud, and several other interesting names. I guess it is my fault for being able to express myself in a way others can not. I should be like others and just leave that part blank, this way I can fit in, right? God forbid we express ourselves...

    And one thing the USMC taught me was to man up when I was wrong. So far I have not seen that here from several of you. I guess our pride wont let us do that.
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  6. Then what exactly are you doing here?

    And it is not up to me to define the word "LavaDog". If you do not accept the fact that this is the nickname of 1/3, then oh well. That is on you and it does not mean I did not serve with them. Let me give you the link once again to the OFFICIAL 1/3 website.

    And yes I know the sharp pumice lava rocks out on the big island are also called lavadogs.

    So if there is anything else you wish to tell me about what I have or have not done based on what you did, then be my guest. And I never knew stating facts was considered embellishing.

    It's a sad day when my experience is questioned just because it doesn't mirror yours. Who are you kidding?
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  8. Oh goodness you guys just keep getting sillier and sillier. Sgt B., are you seriously telling me you served with 1/3 and you do not know that their nickname is the "LavaDogs"? Your words here>>>" Lava dogs are the rocks that ate boots not 1/3. See profile"<<<. Is this what I am embellishing? Last time I checked the unit I served with is nicknamed the LavaDogs.Read here and learn.>>

    And because you never did the climb up the mountain does not mean I did not do that. You can read all about it here.>>
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  10. I am not the one who went onto someone elses page and attempted to belittle him by calling him a liar. That honor goes to the DOC. Who is he to question me? Just because I can write a profile in a way that may seem glorious to some of you, does not mean I did not accomplish what I have mentioned. And what exactly have I mentioned in my profile that seems so unbelievable? <<<<Please answer that?

    Do you not believe I was a radio operator? Do you not believe I was a Lava Dog? Do you not believe I scaled those two peaks? Do you not believe I qualed expert every time I qualed? Do you not believe I landed the Commandant as he visited our pos? Do you not believe I was in El Centro with the Blue Angels? So tell me where my story seems so unbelievable?

    The world revolves around no one man, and no one has the right to take away any one man's accomplishments. I could give a good god damn who he is or who anyone else is. You spit in my face, I gladly will spit in yours. I don't care who has been on this site longer or any crap like that. NO ONE has the right to talk crap and then get sore when it is talked back.

    The funny thing is that I had so much more to say as to what I went through as a Marine. But I guess that would do no good around here since we are all over Doc's nuts.

    I have served and continue to do so today. As of today I have successfully walked over 200 future Marines through the system. I accomplish this by mentoring them through the process and the last thing I need is some slack jaw know it all to question my credentials.

    A simple PM could of avoided all of this. Funny how he starts this crap and it is me who ends up hearing about it.
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