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  1. Pathetic...
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  3. You are one pathetic person. Are you saying that you now think I am the member who calls himself the "WOOKIE"? Get a life.
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  5. You have a funny way of apologizing.

    I sure hope you love to drink when you are online. This would explain the ignorance you show. Did you think you could come here and run your mouth, and then give some lame apology and then expect me to kiss your ass?

    And words don't bother me when they come from people like you. You really should try harder next time instead of talking about a young person's private parts. Kind of makes me wonder what you have on your mind.
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  7. Let me add this ...In order for 29 Palms to cross into other states it would have to cross major highways and nationally protected parks/preserves. Not gonna happen..

    And if you draw a straight line from LA to 29 Palms and then to Vegas, what shape do you get? I got a wide "V".

    Many Marines who do not live out here or are not from the area will assume LA is between Vegas and 29. That is how it is explained to them. Just look at any atlas or road map and you will see what I mean.
  8. Well just because you don't know something to be true or factual, does not mean I am a fraud or a liar. And just because you refuse to accept facts, does not mean I am talking out of my ass. You wont even accept links from the USMC, so why bother with you.

    As for 29 Palms. Well I think what you are doing is including air space. I can tell you for a fact that 29 Palms does not go into Arizona or Nevada. Just look on any map. If you include the Nellis Air space and the Yuma air space, then yes, you are correct. But this is not what we are speaking about. The air space only comes into play during training ops and is not part of the permanent base. This is why 29 Palms is not the largest base in the USA and it does not go into AZ or NV. It sits entirely in CA.

    And I am not going to argue with you. But 29 Palms does not sit anywhere between LA or LA county and Vegas. Ft Irwin does, but 29 Palms does not. I have driven this route many times and 29 Palms is not in that area. It's to the east a bit. Just look at a map of SOCAL and you will see what I mean.

    When I go from LA to 29 Palms I travel east for about 2 hours. When I go from LA to Vegas I travel north then north east for about 4 hours. Barstow is in the middle of the Vegas LA route. I have lived here my entire life and I have traveled all these routes many times. Just look at any map and you will see what I mean.
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  10. You sound like such a whiner. Listen to you. And until you grow a pair and admit you were wrong, you really are irrelevant.

    Oh and you can keep posting here all you want. Your types do not bother me. But what it does do is it allows for anyone who reads through here to see what your character is all about. So keep it up.

    One last thing, I contacted the 1/3 commanding officer to let him know that you said that "LavaDogs" are not the unit's nickname. So he should have that squared away for you shortly.
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