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  1. View Conversation sorry that you lost your best friend. When I lost my black lab Sammy, I knew that I would be seeing him again, GOD looks out for our loved ones. I'll light a candle for you, your pooch....and SAMMY......TOMORROW! God Bless you!
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    .......VERY NICE ALBUM!!....chopper jockey!! You're NOT a're a POOTER!!!...."fart's-r-us", life member!!.....
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    Thanks for all the help, I'm going to be a little slow about choosing which one to get. I want to be sure it's what I want, even if I have to wait and get the one I want. You have made my mind up on one thing, I want a stainless one.
    Semper Fi
    Thanks Later Bud
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    .....FRED, glad to see you back. We really DID miss you! Thanks again, for the B-Day wishes! The 15th of April?? HOW TAXING!! Gonna' be 29....AGAIN??....D/G
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR..........ED
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    THANKS....NUMBNUTS!!! Told you that I'm NOT the brightest star in the sky!!!....DOC
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    Fred....When are you gonna' retire? Do you get any disability?...I hope so!! If you need any help, please contact me....we'll work together.....SEMPER FI....DOC
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    WELCOME ABOARD!!! Thanks for the invite...I'd be honored!.....DOC
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    Welcome to my friends list, Semper FI Marine.
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    Did you know an F-4 Radar repar guy by the name of Mike. His nick name was "rocketman".
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