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    Your very welcome. I did realize though in my spew of information I did forget to mention that there may be a very SLIGHT possibility that there is still 1 or 2 infantry slots allowed for YOUR area floating around somewhere. My advise would be to check into that JUST INCASE and you may luck out on getting it or, like you mentioned your gunny gave you a few options to consider. I would consider those options very hard aswell and make sure you get all your info about them from your GUNNY because other places like internet and what not may mislead you. Ive gone through a big long process of nonsense with the MOS aquiring issues and what not so thats why I wanted to give you a heads up on everything I learned.

    Biggest thing I finally realized is this. Your Gunny will listen to what your looking for in the Corps and for the most part will try to find a job that meets those needs as best he can if your original job isnt available. So everything he offers up to you is probably closer to what your looking for then you think. Just make sure your recruiter and Gunny know exactly what you are looking for and push for the best. And make sure you keep your mind open but strong. Dont let them try to push you into an area you dont want because sometimes they may try to intrest you in something a bit off but needed. But also dont forget to keep your mind open about what they do offer at the same time and eat up alllll the info they can possibly feed you.

    Good Luck!! and I hope to see you in the fleet someday

    Oh and study study study for that ASVAB .. I wasnt able to study sense I went and took it with Army at first so I was rushed into it. Luckily I didnt do to bad and scored in the 82%.
    Realize the ASVAB is your ticket to all jobs in the Marines. Do well on that and the world is yours my friend.
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    im just going to tell you now. if you plan on enlisting this month you are not going to get 03(infantry) any time this fiscal year. Standby untill october for infantry.

    I was suppose 2 go in 03 myself but some issues came up with my job placement and the 03 spot was lost. Now I will tell you that 03 itself is CLOSED . They have more going into infantry now then they have the ability to train and are *overbooked* in a sense for that field.

    Few reasons why this is happening. This past year marine enlistment has gone from 172,000 ish to over 200,000 . This is the first time this has happened sense ww2 basically. Next the usual detainment of current contracted marines is about 34% this year it jumped to 84% creating less job abilities to be given out. Infantry alone has taken over its quota for the year.

    All this comes directly from a conference call including me and my gunny sitting in a office talking to marine HQ.

    But i will tell you from looking DIRECTLY at the description of SCOUT SNIPER in a larger binder that your gunny will have filled with TONS of info about the Marine Corps that ALL MOS can try out to be SCOUT SNIPER , infantry is just preferred.

    For examply my gunny started in marines as a wrench but was VERY good at shooting. He then moved into being a shooting instructor and apart of the Rifle team that competes world wide. To justify having a Rifle team they are trained as SNIPERS. So the first thing you need to grasp is get into the marines first. ITs hard as hell to even get going but harder to get the EXACT job you want right off the bat. BELIEVE ME there is alot of things about the jobs that you dont realize that may offer exactly what you want. Get into marines first. Then worry about trying to get to where you want to be.

    Good Luck to you and wish me luck in boot. Shipping Feb 23rd 09

    *excuse my ability to put together a well formed informational few paragraphs I was just typing quickly rattling off information I have received*

    Also keep this in mind. My Gunny told me this directly. DO not listen to ANYTHING regarding direct information about current enlistment opportunities from any website. EVEN if they are marines responding simply because they do not have the INTEL that your Gunny and recruiter have about whats going on in that sector of the Corps. RELAY all your questions about enlistment to your Recruiter or Gunny. They will give you real time Intel. Look to websites like this for inspiration and knowledge on things like how to act, advice for boot, hymms etc etc.
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