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    Devil Dawg
    sorry to hear about your troubles although it may be a hard pill to swallow last thing you need is to drink yourself to death. There are many that can use your info and advice as they continue on with their journies through the Marine Corps. I know I am going through the same thing you are and I hate the fact I can't go back. Civ life is definatly not for me. Way to many nasty civilians most of them in higher positions at jobs that I have held and years younger than me. It absolutley enrages me to deal with people like that. I'm sorry though.
    If ever you need to talk email me. My personal email addy is or message me here. I do know what you are going through as stated before because I am going through the same things as well.

    Semper FI Cpl Jack, hang in there Bro
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    Devil, I'm 70% and I'm in a reserve unit... went while on my IRR contract... as long as you don't have any one condition over 30% you are ok... and get beni's as well.... just not the days you are drilling.

    as for going active again... the recruiter said I just need doctor documentation stating that I'm 100% able to be a Marine again.... go talk to your recruiter and ignore these old timers old rules... congress has changed a lot since all the PTSD cases...

    Don't get me wrong.. these guys have ridiculous amounts of knowledge, just some gets by them, they aren't omnipotent.... even though they try to be.
  3. As you were. I am a fellow NCO, Seagant. Give me time to fix my profile.
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    Been in 10 years,,,, still in, but wantin to get back in,,,, all that time and e-1/ You got some 'splainin to do, Bro.
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