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lloyd holland

Following Orders

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Several Congressmen got together one day and decided too award a large grant to one of the armed forces of the U.S. So they called the Joint Chiefs of Staff together and told them they wanted to see what branch of service could follow orders to the T, no matter what. So a test was arranged, they wanted one member of each branch chosen, the best of the best. The next day members from the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines were all standing tall, no one knew what was about too happen but knew it was something big. A couple of Congressmen approached the group and told them that in the next room across the hall, several men and women have been convicted of terrorism against this nation and sentensed too death for those crimes, and you as defenders of this nation are ordered to carry out this execution. A fully loaded pistol has been placed on a table and you have been issued your orders. The Airman looked up and said, with all due respect, this was not in my contract, all i do is drop bombs on targets and thats it, turned around and walked out. The Sailor put his hands on his hips and said, i don't think so and twitched himself out of the room. The Soldier reached down, picked up the pistol and went into the room with the men and women, after several minutes he exited with tears in his eyes, crying like a baby, he said that they pleaded for their lives and asked me to forgive them, he put the weapon down and left. The Marine picked up the weapon, marched into the room, shut the door, the next sound was,,click,click then the door locked, next was the sound of men hollering, women screaming, glass breaking, tables shattering, boots stomping, then silence. The door unlocked and the Marine marched out, adjusted his uniform and snapped to attention and said, order has been carried out, but some son-of-a-bit-h put blanks in this pistol.

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    Love it.. thats awesome..
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    Brightens a rainy day.
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    Hands on training
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