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Reenlistment help...

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I have been in the Marine Corps now since 2001. Upon my End of Active Service in 2005 I fell into the Individual Ready Reserves. After months of being lead around in circles I came in contact with a Prior Service recruiter who helped me continue my service (which is no longer in the Marine Corps). I was attached to the IMA DET in 2007. After 3 years in the IMA DET my End of Current Contract is just around the corner (10 DEC 2010). Meanwhile I have been seeking assistance for re-enlistment opportunities for approximately 9 months now and it seems like I am getting the run around once again.
My request seems simple. I am currently a Sergeant in the IMA DET and I am looking for an opportunity to re-enlist preferably on Active Duty and maybe even a possibility LAT Moving into one of three fields, Career Retention, Military Police, or Intel. I will however stay in my field if nothing else is available.
It seems as though no one is interested in providing me with a contact that would help assist me. I have contacted my Prior Service Recruiter and have been routed to MOBCOM Career Planners as well as the out in town recruiter. The responses I seem to be getting are, “I can’t help you with that.”; “Try contacting _____. ”;“ Come back ______”.
As of now I have not received anything that would be helpful to obtaining an Active Component or even an Active Reserves or Active Duty Special Work billet and I am worried that my only option to re-enlist at this point is with the IMA DET again.
I have contacted MOBCOM for IMA DET re-enlistment criteria and at this time have everything done on my end besides the training portion complete. I have a CFT scheduled for 6 November but apparently will still need a current PFT in the system in order to meet re-enlistment requirements. At this time I am still trying to schedule one for the following week but it is cutting it close to the holidays. I am trying to avoid falling out of the Marine Corps on 10 DEC.
My concern is that I feel as though I have backed into a wall with no choices. It seems as though I am a burden to the ones who hold my very own career in their hands.
Thank you for your time regarding this matter. Any advice, suggestions, and guidance would greatly be appreciated.



  1. SgtCherry's Avatar
    Sorry to hear what you are going through. I'm kind of in the same boat. Try to use your network connections to assist, if that doesn't work seek advice direcrtly from your District office. You also could attempt to contact your monitor for assistance.

    Good Luck..
  2. domingoaguilar's Avatar
    I dont know if you have already re-enlisted,but if you havent you might think about enlisting into another branch.I just retired as a Recruiter from the National Guard.They might have some options for you.
    Good Luck
  3. ZUES18's Avatar
    Counterintelligence! Contact Marine Corps. CI/HUMINT recruiting Lat Move.Semper Fidelis