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lloyd holland

Grandma's Nuts

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After a hard day of football practice, the grandson stops by his grandma's house to see how she's doing and make sure everything is all right. Granny was sitting in the living room watching her favorite tv show, when grandson sits down and shares some telly time with her, when he notices a can of nuts on the table and he ask granny if he could have a few, sure go right ahead boy, help yourself, After about 15 or 20 minutes of tv and munching on those nuts, they were all gone, he tells granny, am going to have to buy you another can of nuts because i ate all of those am sorry, granny say thats all right boy, i can't eat them anyway with out my teeth in, i just suck the chocolate off em and chunk em back into the can you were eating out of.


  1. NovaReality's Avatar
    awwwwww thats horrible