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lloyd holland

My Old Squadron At Last

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It took a long time, but i finally found my long lost squadron from back in the day. VMA(AW)533 attack squadron has moved from MAG-14 Cherry Point NC. to MAG-31 Beaufort SC. and adopted their new name, VMFA(AW)533. From the A6E Intruder, the old sky pig as we use to call it, to the F18 Hornet. When i stumbled across the website of my old squadron i was happier than a virgin on senior prom night. I was in VMA 533 from 1979-1983 and was proud as hell to have been a part of that squadron. Comming from Motor-T and the Grunts to the Airwing was kind of hard to adjust to, but the SGTMAJ we had was hard corps, but fair since he was an ex-grunt to. Most of the Pilots and BN's were alright, because when we ran across some of them out in the ville they would by a couple of rounds for everyone. The CO was cool as sh-t, because he was an enlisted Marine before he became an Officer. But like any unit we had our share of the 10% buttheads who needed a little attitude adjustment now and then. I forget were we where, either on the west coast of the U.S. or across the waters, but some of the enlisted personnel got to go up in the A6 for a quick hop around the area, and some brought back full barf bags, haha. While in Iwakuni Japan on a det, we were all crashed for the night when the sound of meta sh-t cans slamming against the bulkheads, and that voice we all knew hollering at the top of his lungs (the CO), "everybody out of the f-cking racks now, formation outside ASAP". We all mustered outside the barracks, this was around 2400-0030, some in shorts, t-shirts, shower shoes, no one fully dressed, the CO was standing beside 2 of his men who had been beaten to a pulp for stumbling into the wrong barracks about 2 blocks away. The CO had been out in town and had tied on a few good ones, and when he found out what had happend to his boys, all hell was about to break loose. He called the formation to attention, forward march, about a half block from target area, about 4 or 5 jeeps loaded with MP's had blocked off the street, well that put a stop to the skippers battle plan, but the next day when that squadron got to their flight line, they noticed that on the tails of some of their A4 Skyhawks, the Ram insigna had been painted over with the A6 Hawk humping away (alls fair in love and war). But if i remember correctly, one of our A6's had a couple of Rams painted on it, but everything turned out to be OKI-DOEKI between the two squadrons (until we meet again), hahaha. Payback is a bit-h.