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lloyd holland

Baptism Under Fire

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To all who have served in conflicts and wars for this nation, I SALUTE YOU FOR, THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN I BOW MY HEAD, AND THOSE WHO TRIED AND DID NOT MAKE IT, YOU GAVE IT YOUR BEST. When Marines are called to battle, they don't ask why, they just go, kick a-- and take names. Every inch of soil, every drop of water that has the Stars and Stripes flying over it, it's guarded by U.S. Military personnel and some countries do not appreciate our presence (a--holes). After Vietnam, one or two years later, just out of high school i joined the Marines. Any Marine who has ever stepped on the shores of another country represents the most powerfull country in the world, and some buttheads are going too try and test you. Any Marine during war or peacetime knows when a mother f-er is throwing rounds at you, and the plattoon sgt. tells you to lock and load, you are so scared you dont want to hear that next command, but sometimes sh-t happens, baptism under fire(been there and done that). During a tour of duty, every incident good or bad is not always reported and everything is not world wide published and those who think that a Marine who has not been in a conflict or war doesn't know everything about every Marine, and when i hear the word Marine wannabe, it makes me think of someone who didn't make it out of boot camp and did not get that Eagle, Globe and Anchor for one reason or another. But a Marine can sat down, listen and talk to another Marine even if he's a combat vet, cook, airwinger or fresh out of boot camp, you'll know if he earned his Marine Corps emblem, he might stretch the truth a little but he won't lie, then nothing can be said. I admit there has been times i wanted to stomp the monkey sh-t out of a SOB for not pulling his weight or using racial slurs. But you have too overlook certain people or wind up in the brig. No matter if you are on the front line or in the rear with the gear, from a slick sleeve too a four star general, all Marines are basic riflemen from the get go. SEMPER-F-N-FI.

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