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lloyd holland

Shark Bait

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During my tour at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, i haven't even been in the FMF a year yet, but being on the fenceline at GTMO you grow up fast. The fenceline could become a combat zone at the drop of a dime. You could be driving down the fenceline at night and see AK-47 fire hitting the fence, or standing guard in an OP and watch defectors climbing the fence while Cuban soilders chase them. Anyone who has ever been on the fenceline know it's tales. Driving my 5 ton down the line one day with a few grunts on board, relief for a couple of posts. We had to cross a small river, at a certain area, now the temperature could reach a hundred degrees plus at times, so many days we would strip down to our skivvies, jump off the bridge a few times just to cool off. This particular day we decided not too take a dip in the river, just chill on the bridge with a couple of cold ones (soda pop) you know, when all of a sudden the largest tiger shark i've ever seen in my life, well the only shark i had ever seen, was swimming up river with a smaller shark along side of it. This shark had to have been at least 10 to 12 feet long, while the smaller one was not even half it's size. If that bridge still stands today, i know my finger prints are wedged into the wooden rails, because i held on so tight making sure i did not fall in. From that day on, no Marines too my knowledge ever got back into that river again. While in GTMO, not only did you have to watch out for mine fields, rifle fire, and communist soilders, but you had to be on the alert for mother nature. They might fine parts of you in a mine field, but i don't think they would find anything left after a couple of tiger sharks had you for chow.

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  1. jerrymac's Avatar
    How things have changed! I was sent there with 2/5 ops during the "Cuban missal crisis"
    We walked the fence. talked with the Cuban'S on the other side, and even shared our smokes.
    One thing was the same, NO BEER