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lloyd holland

My Brother

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For the Marines who still survive, we all gave some. For the Marines who perished in battle, they gave all. For the Marine who shed his blood with me like no other, he shall forever be my brother. Some times we may not see eye to eye, but we are still brothers. But in the heat of battle, and we're back to back, no enemy shall come between us, because we are brothers. If one should fall and do not rise again, stand tall beside his gravesite with honor in your eyes. When the taps have played it's last note, and that tear falls and you clear your throat, look towards heaven and ask GOD too embrace him like all the others, because here comes another Marine, MY BROTHER. And when the all mighty calls my name, he will say "come too me my son like all the others, because you will march again with thy brothers". AMEN

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