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Remarks of Possible Open Gay Policy???!!!

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I would like feedback on how others feel about this possible new policy. I cant even describe how disturbing and ****ed off this makes me i dont hate gays but i hate what they do. and this should not be allowed to be allowed in military. i can only imagine recruit training that one recruit is gay and can be open about it and the other recruits who arent uncomfortable that would be ina lot of situations which recruit training is composed of. the military and marine corps is getting soft already. this is another stupid liberal act in process adn should not be allowed. i see no positive purpose of one needing to be open about his gayness. there is nothing wrong with don't ask dont tell. whats so hard about that. its quite disturbing


  1. Eye of a 155's Avatar
    First, don't let them in as it will undermine the authority of the Marine Corps and possibly damage moral in the unit; specifically, friendly-fire may occur in the line of duty. I feel the "policy... Don't ask, don't tell" should remain as such. Doesn't matter if there a carpet licker, butt-pirate, or turd-burglar we need to main focused on mission of the Marine Corps, "...Kill them all (enemies) and let God sort them out!" Semper FI
  2. jimmie's Avatar
    my daughter pointed out to me that people in the military should not worry about a gay person hitting on them esp. if they are in a war time situation. she says knowing how the military feels about gays esp males gays the fact that they joined anyway to defend OUR country from scum like obama should tell you alot about there love of country and the fact that they chose the marine corp shows there love of the corp she also says....well never mind what she says what I say is this man up suck it up dont ask dont tell has worked fine i just dont think you should be kicked out 4 being gay that aint cool.
  3. ZaHickman's Avatar
    The don't ask don't tell policy is the best way to approach. Sexuallity has no place on the battle field. This is why todate there is a strict policy preventing females from being in combat related MOS's. This is not a knock on the gender. Female Marines compete with males in every aspect of there lives, and repeatadly win. But, the reality of WAR is rape and manipulation. Adding in sexuallity gives one more weakness in a platoon. Also, a hetero sexual male may not make the approriate bond to an openly gay male that is placed on my squad, simply for the fact of consciously trying to not give the person the wrong idea. I am tired of the politicly correct Marine Corps. We are a war fighting machine designed to kill. If that hurts your fellings just go enjoy the freedoms that I denounce to supply them to you... SEMPER FI...
  4. RedmanEcho5's Avatar
    When the enemy is taken out by a bullet from the rifle of a gay or straight person, does it matter??
  5. teddiaz's Avatar
    I personally have never liked dealing with gay people in any kind of work force (male gays in particular). But, I've probibly prefired not to believe it when it was a reality. Kind've stupid I guess. I think there has to be some kind of self compromising with the idea though because it is going to be a reality for us all anyway. As a Christian, by virtue, I got to interject that they are still children of God... (apology to unbelievers) but I think there should be a place for them somewhere in the Corp. They probibly may want to put their "life on the line" in support of our country and/ or they probibly do have some other very useful skills. So, I would hope to think that while they are in this world, that during the span of that time, they may be previlleged, to be enlightened by there Maker and then find and experience a more happy and well being in their life. And of course, in the "here after". I'm no expert though and I know there is a fast growing trend for people who just don't want to believe in God. But as I understand it (through reading my Bible), we all have the same "chance". But, because we are all different, the working out of our lives for Him (God) will be different. This realm of life in question, could be real "vital"... if given a chance.
  6. AngelFire9375's Avatar
    i agree the Corps has its problems,but a person is a person regardless of their sexual preferences,as long as they can do their job and hold their own,let them be.I survived boot with others that choose their own sexual orientation over the other,but i stood my ground,and told them straight up,how i felt about it and didn't want any part of it, and everything was cool. so i guess my advice here is let it go,you can't stop it so why try,just make your position known and call it that.
  7. stevelong2's Avatar
    One Question, where do your morals lie, God is the one who ultimately judges and He has said it is an abomination and I must agree, you are either with God or against Him, so I'm not judging, but a word to the wise, it is never wise to go against God!
  8. Splash0341's Avatar
    First things first ERRRRRR!

    There should be no open gays in the military here are some wonderful reasons why.

    1) Pink digital CAMMIES
    2) Rindstone kits for M4s
    3) "FLAMMERS" not regular gays! they are like ROBIN WILLIAMS BIRDCAGE GAY! will be singled out and beatin!
    4) Seriously if the gays can be in the grunts, why not the Females too then? this arguement will come up and every wookie monster will come flying out of left feild...and its not intimidating to me to be led by a female. flirting and doing stupid **** in front of females is. also Chivalry is not dead two bodies lay on the battlefeild one female and one male...which one is every guy gonna run too...the female DUH! "can i be your hero baby?"
    4) sharing living quarters and heads. well i quess we need to go unisexual with our locker rooms and barracks, cause if PFC. Fannybandit can stare at me naked i should be able to see the female's cash and Prizes and vice versa.
    5) how acomidating will we have to be to the gays? how many MARADMINS and **** will come out for their benifit. and how many "gay" lilttle Glee clubs for gay Marines will i have to tip toe around and shake my head at.

    well i dont wanna seem to unfair i support being what ever you want to be. when the gays wanted to get Married i was like sure you can be misserable like the rest of the Married couples all over the US!

    So if you wanna be a Gay in the military. Be Miserable like the rest of us lol. No seriously keep it to your self though.

  9. raymond w mason's Avatar
    it just seems to me,that marines have a very difficult job to do add a combat situation to that with rounds flying all over the area.this is enough to worry about.a gay marine (and i shudder at the thought) just might be overly concerned about the cute radio man 20 feet away, or the lanky Lt. 15 feet on the other side... get my point! the whole damn idea is not only politicly correct its crazy and dangerous...RWM
  10. ingersollturok's Avatar
    Don't ask don't tell is kind of dated. If they can make it through marine corps boot camp they are marines. I don't care either way. Long as everyone stays professional which marines do then its fine.
  11. preash's Avatar
    I'm not passing judgment, but a word to the wise: it's never a good idea to go against God. One question, though: where do your morality lie? God is the one who finally judges, and He has stated it's an abomination, and I must agree. [SIZE=1][URL=""][COLOR=#d1d1d1]coreball[/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE]