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lloyd holland

P.T. In P.I.

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When i arrived to the airwing from motor-t and the grunts, i found out it was like night and day, from living in tent city to living in aircondition barracks, what luxury i thought, but some places my squadron deployed too like Korea was a tent city. I was given the title of training NCO, NBC NCO, and whatever else NCO in S3 ops. Well i traded my 5-ton truck and M-16 rifle for a ink pen and a typewritter (not by my choice). Anyone who has ever had a desk job, it's just like sitting in the head, the job isn't finished until the paper work is done. During one of my many deployments to Subic Bay, Philippines Islands, i had to schedule a quarterly PT test, you know the 3 mile run, situps, pullups and the puke-ups. During my notification to each department, a lot of the airwingers were not too thrilled about it, but reports have to be made and when the CO. is on your back, well sh-t rolls down hill. On PT morning everybody is ready, except for a few, somebody had to record the scores and being the training NCO i was one of the few. Well the 3-mile run was along part of a beach, people were swimming, laying in the sun, drinking cold sam miguels (sam mcgoos) beer. This just added fuel to the fire already brewing. After the run am gathering up all of the scores and equipment when i noticed some of the guys lurking around me, all who were my partners, my drinking buddies, bar hoppers, my boys. The ring leaders were freaky fred (Culp), hud the thug (Hudson), sh-tty smitty (Smith), mellow mel (White) and hollywood, i can't remember his name but he was a cool light green dude. This was only a few of the many when someone asked me if i had any valuables in my pockets and was my watch waterprof, there was no use in trying to get away, so i just emptied my pockets, took off my watch and stood at the ready for an all out assault, well the first 2 or 3, i held my own but the next 10 or 12 took it's toll, i remember being lifted into the air, carried about 20 or 30 yards, dropped a couple of times by accident (so they say), the whole time am being carried towards the water, they are hollering PT,PT,PT etc.. We get to a section of the beach that had a 5 or 6 foot drop off and someone said, we baptize thee in the name of PT (SPLASH), am glad we were not on a mountain top. So when i got out of the water , i was handed a cold beer, the guys and some WM's also, made it clear that the only PT they wanted in P.I. was PARTY TIME. For the next 4 years, any time a deployment was due, all training sessions were scheduled before or after the det. (PAYBACK IS A BIT-H)

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