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lloyd holland

The Mighty Sand Flea.

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For those of you who may not know, listen to this tale of a mighty foe. It lives in a place called Parris Island,"the land that GOD forgot, the sand is 14 inches deep and the sun is blazzing hot". It's so small and never seen, has a bite that's nasty and mean, it can even hide behind a hair, some claim its bite is mightier than a grizzly bear. It can bring pain to any recruit, make him move and feel the toe of the D.I.s boot. If you're one who has ever felt it's attack, then you know it will ambush from the top, bottom, front or back. So i say unto thee, don't ever forget, let it be, the bite of THE MIGHTY SAND FLEA.

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  1. TazMatt's Avatar
    Been there and done that.They are a very pesty little creature.
  2. ecfree's Avatar
    Been to PI and yes they are very menicing.....They're ALL TEETH....
  3. Apache's Avatar
    And lest we fail to recall
    Dont smack one
  4. drewster915's Avatar
    watch the movie "The D.I" with JACK WEBB awesome sand flea scene!!