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  1. Darn, thought that could be you. I was with H&S 3/9 Bn Supply down by the warehouses. If you go to my photo album, you'll see pic of the supply/armory area in Fuji.

    As for the avatar, go to the top left of this page to the 'my info' link and that should take you to where you'll find the avatar link on the left side of the page.

    Also, when someone posts in your visitor page, you can reply by going to their visitor page (instead of your own). That way they'll get a notification that you posted there. Took me a while to figure it out!!

    Good luck and Semper Fi!
  2. Hey Sgt, thanks for the message. Did you run the armory when we were in Fuji during the WestPac float? I remember we were at the firing range up the road from the camp, and my rifle was set on semi-auto, but it somehow mistakenly fired the last 7 or 8 rounds in the clip on automatic. I rememer taking it to the armory and I was told there was a problem with the firing mechanism in my rifle? I'm just wondering if that was you? Semper Fi. Ken
  3. I'm New to this site...
    but our dates of service overlap. I was at SanDiego in Boot May 76- Aug 76 then to ITS at Pendleton and sent to Okie to 1/9 at Schwab in 76-77. Went over trained as a L/Cpl 0351 anti-tank assault man/106's...but after a seek there I ended up running the H&S Company Armory for the entire year... even on float. It had some geat memories along with lots of long hours working in the Armory... but no one screwed with us. My CO Capt Beavers had an open door policy with me as his Armorer. So no matter the rank messing with us I could just walk right in to talk with him. He swuared that out in a hurry as the Armory was off limits... in his words leave us be as we had our work to do. Pretty cool Marine Officer and I would have followed him anywhere. I'll be checkin in with ya from time to time Sgt.
    "Semper Fi"... SGT DDS 76-79
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