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  1. Did I forget to mention the beer?

    Sex, race and religion were always on the card. And whether Miller Lite's attraction was that it tasted great or was less filling. I'm also reminded of the Bill Cosby skit "Why is there air?"

    "A tool", great term for being opened minded. A tool that allows us to see things from different points of view. I'm not sure Ayn's concerns of gullibilty fit my thinking. To me there is that line but it is between the known factual topic and the conceptual topic. I see no gullibilty concerns in conceptual, philosophical, thinking. There are times when we need to have lines though. At some point we need to take a position. I find tranquillity in open mindedness. It is sometimes easier to not take a hard and fast position. Maybe I'm just lazy.

    Enjoy the day,
  2. Al - I smiled while attempting to visualize a group of Marines sitting around in the barracks deep in the throes of some philosophical discussion...rather than attempting to pool their funds for a six-pack - or possibly ruminating on the sexual diversity (and/or proclivity) of their current local female population (although, said ruminations most likely do qualify as 'philosophical' in nature). Having stated this doubt, I shall attempt to remain 'open-minded' as to its likelihood (smile).

    As to your question. It is, of course, an essential component, or tool if you prefer, in what has apparently become our unending search for the 'truth' of our existence, our reality...our personal conceptualization of being. However, there is also that conceptual line, that demarcation, between open-mindedness and, as Ayn Rand would say - gullibility. And, in opposition, the line that divides resolution and/or tenacity in this thinking process with William Hare's favorite word - dogmatic. We must also entertain the probabilities of ability - can we, in fact, be open-minded? Do we stop listening when the mind encounters and automatically dismisses what is to it counter-intuitive in certain realms of the philosophical? Do the ingrained beliefs and prejudices that have tainted the conclusions of every philosopher since Solon place upon us a burden, the possibility of our own close-mindedness that acknowledges and accepts the ineluctable....that in our search for certain 'truths' mankind is, by nature and by definition, biased (mentally self-serving) in his search?

    The short answer to your question, naturally, was 'yes - open-minded is good' (smile).

  3. So let me ask a question. When I was in and we had down time there were a few of us who fancied ourselve's to be "philosophical". The one thing we agreed on nearly to a man was the concept that to be a "true" philosopher you had to have the ability to change your thinking 180 degrees. By that I mean you needed an open mind. I'm curious what your thought are on the subject.
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