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  1. preash's Avatar
    Wow, that's fantastic. [SIZE=1][URL=""][COLOR=#eeeeee]redactle unlimited[/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE]
  2. thegimprider's Avatar
    Hands on training
  3. Maggard's Avatar
    Brightens a rainy day.
  4. GRC2111's Avatar
    Love it.. thats awesome..
  5. yankee pappa 13's Avatar
    I remember that happening and was at new river at then. His example makes us all proud to be brothers
  6. vipere6's Avatar
    I couldn't stop laughing...Great read. Simper Fi
  7. Alex Anderson's Avatar
    Great story I got my smile for today.
  8. jerrymac's Avatar
    How things have changed! I was sent there with 2/5 ops during the "Cuban missal crisis"
    We walked the fence. talked with the Cuban'S on the other side, and even shared our smokes.
    One thing was the same, NO BEER
  9. NovaReality's Avatar
    awwwwww thats horrible
  10. nmilla's Avatar
    We stole the eagle from the Air Force,
    the anchor from the Navy, and
    the rope from the Army.
    On the 7th day, while God rested, we over-ran his perimeter and stole the globe, and we've been running the show ever since
  11. nmilla's Avatar
    out freaking standing.......Well you alive and well and glad all worked out in the end lol.....
  12. Danny White's Avatar
    OH NO YOU DIDN'T , you had a brain fart LADY'S ....
  13. vipere6's Avatar
    LLoyd, that was truly funny. Great read.

    Simper Fi
  14. Crazyarms's Avatar
    wow that is some crazy a-- sh!t lol. I'm surprised you didnt get ITed to death
  15. Mike326's Avatar
    It was 1966 and I was going to college in the fall. My younger brother had decided he was going to become a marine and asked for a ride up to see the recruiter in Des Moines. When we walked out of the recruiter's office we were both signed up to go in on the 'buddy plan'. We went through boot camp together, but because I was a year older they made me an 0311 and him a 3043 supply clerk. They sent me to VN first. When I came back, he went over for 2 tours but never got to be in a combat outfit, and he never did let me forget that.
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  16. lloyd holland's Avatar
    deleted comment by mistake
  17. egbutler1's Avatar
    hahaha good stuff brother
  18. drewster915's Avatar
    watch the movie "The D.I" with JACK WEBB awesome sand flea scene!!
  19. Apache's Avatar
    And lest we fail to recall
    Dont smack one
  20. ecfree's Avatar
    Been to PI and yes they are very menicing.....They're ALL TEETH....
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