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  1. Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    Growing up on the south side of Chicago was my whole world as a kid. I came from a poor Mexican American family so going to school and hanging around the neighborhood was pretty much the extent of my life experience.

    Marine Corps Boot Camp was my first real experience outside of mommy and daddy's house. When I look back at it now I think to myself, what a way to get started in life. Talk about a rude awakening and culture shock. Nothing like a Marine ...
  2. Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975

    Vietnam I Corps Marines 1965-1975
    Posted Today at 09:40 AM by Gy7ras

    I decided that the best place to write about I Corps and my experiences will be on this blog. It gives the members of a choice as to whether they want to read it or not!

    I Corps in Vietnam for those of us that served there left a deep impression in our minds and that's an understatement! It's with me everyday of my life since I came back ...