View Full Version : Gear you wish you had

09-28-10, 09:24 PM
Do the job long enough, and you begin to learn what you want, need, and don't need.

This thread is about gear. Good gear, bad gear, gear you never use, gear you use all the time, and gear you wish you had.

Feel free to add/subtract to the list of good, bad, ugly, and stuff you wish you had.

The Good:

Frog suit. Amazingly lightweight and breathable. Now we need some greens for jungle warfare.

Eagle SPC. The sapi plate carrier currently issued is pretty good. It's about as light as I can expect to get, while still having all of the sapi plates.

Frog fleece: It's really lightweight and breathable, but keeps you warm just fine. It's got a front pocket (for your hands!), and "emo sleeves" (holes for your thumbs to go through, emo kids do it to their sweaters a lot).

The Bad:

Current ILBE packs. Sure, they are comfy when you don't have gear on, but I haven't humped anywhere without a flak since boot camp. We really do need something easily wearable with flaks on, sapi's in. Especially a patrol pack.

The Ugly:

The MTV Flak. *Shudders* Mobility went to zero with that thing.

CIF. I've never used half of that stuff.