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08-11-10, 10:43 AM
Hello. I had just graduated this past Friday. I went down to Parris Island April 5th. I had made it to training day 62, then was dropped on training day 63 due to two stress fractures on my right tibia. The day before the crucible. I spent an extra month in MRP to heal up, and as soon as I was cleared for medical I got right back out there to finish it up.

It's like this. Recruit training is not easy, by any means. And they are not kidding when they say the title is EARNED. It truly is. But that is what makes it so great the day you are standing on the parade deck receiving your Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

Don't sweat about if you can make it or not. Simple as this, If it is in your heart you WILL succeed. I promise you that. Yes.. speed, intesity, and volume. This is the best advice anyone can give. Do this from day one and get used to it. The louder you sound off, the quicker you move... the less you will be targeted. But don't think you will forever evade the quarterdeck or sand pit. Because you won't. :cool:

Stay motivated.

08-11-10, 01:45 PM
solid advice, thanks. That's my fear. getting injured. My wedding is set for my current graduation week.. Congratulations Marine!

Rough Hands
08-11-10, 02:45 PM
Congratulations, Marine! Thank you for the advice.

08-11-10, 04:07 PM

Congratulations Marine and welcome back. Good advice son!