View Full Version : A Prayer to the Man with the Crown of Thorns

08-07-10, 03:28 AM
Man with the crown of thorns: Release my country from this hostage situation that I feel we are so trapped in. Give up knowledge to beat the beast that has arisen. Man with the crown of thorns, that you for giving us salvation and as I exit to my next world, that you made me when you left, oddly enough the first thing I'm asking for is discernment fill me full. Please send comfort to my brothers and sisters in arms. Holy Spirit move them so that they know we are beating brains against the wall trying to figure what to do, but home is where the US service personnel need to be. Give us keys for our next journey, open your knowledge unto us. I love you Man with the crown of thorns, you are my salvation you are my light and you are the way.
In your precious name we pray. Amen.........................