View Full Version : My MEPS experience, hopefully your inspiration

11-26-09, 01:39 AM
So I just thought I'd share my MEPS experience with you guys, primarily for those who've not yet DEP'ed in. For me, the thought of MEPS was daunting <br />
<br />
It's going to be a long post but this is pretty...

11-26-09, 01:48 AM
If the moderator could move this to the appropriate forum that would be very cool. I thought this was a place for Poolees to share experiences, not former Poolees.

I apologize

11-26-09, 09:30 AM
Hmm, you do realize that by being poolees, the people you're writing this for have already been to MEPS, right? And what part was meant to be inspiring?

11-27-09, 06:03 AM
People who haven't joined the DEP can view this site and read testimonials, and they can read this for inspiration if they are unsure about joining or don't know what happens at MEPS, I heard a lot of talk about how bad MEPS was before I went.

Maybe it's only inspirational in the fact that it might get you motivated to go or in the fact that it may soothe any worries you have about the whole thing, you don't have to be rude though. As poolee's neither you nor I rate the authority to be an *******.

I also requested it to be moved to the proper forum, which i would assume could be inspirational forum