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Lisa 23
11-07-09, 11:13 AM
Mods, wasn't sure where to put this for wannabes & poolees to see and comment on, so I thought I'd put it here. If it needs to be moved elsewhere, it can be moved.
Got this poem from Sgt Grit today.......

'Twas The Night Before Boot Camp

'Twas the night before Boot Camp, covered in dirt,
I was the only creature stirring, had to iron my shirt.
My boots were all spit-shined, my pants pressed with care
In hopes that Graduation soon would be there.

The recruits were in formation, wished they were in bed
While visions of push-ups danced in their heads
We tucked in our shirt-tails, straightened our cap
Many of us looked like we needed a nap

When out from the barracks there arose such a clatter
The DI's were coming, could they look any madder?
Over to formation they flew like a flash
Tore down our egos before they could clash

We thought that we'd be there until we saw snow
Doing thousands of push-ups on the pavement below.
Out from our quivering arms flew our fear
I could tell right away that teamwork was near

PT was not fun, the runs were so quick
I sure hope what's taught in the classes will stick
And when we lost focus the DI's they came
They yelled and they shouted and called us by name

Now maggot, Now scumbag, recruit, Now louse
On worthless, On loser, On fleabag, On mouse
Get on the floor, Up against the wall
Now push-ups, and push-ups, more push-ups for all

With honor, integrity, no longer aloof
We were coming together, we all saw the proof
We lifted our heads, we were shouting out loud
Future Marines, tall strong and proud

Through classes and training we learned what to do
To make sure we kill till the fightin' is through
Clean our weapons by the light of the moon
We can all tell that graduation is soon

We thanked the Drill Instructors, they are not mean
They taught us all how to work as a team
Trained warriors, mean, green and lean
We've earned the proud title of U.S. Marine

We fight anywhere so you all can rest
Our enemies are sure to give us a test
They'll hear us exclaim as we turn out their light
"Semper Fi to you all, we won the fight"

Jason Wyatt, former LCpl with Kco. 3/8, Camp Lejeune

Rocky C
11-07-09, 04:27 PM
Semper Fi,

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11-27-09, 09:18 PM
That was cool :marine: