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02-08-09, 02:50 PM
I just attended my first MCL meeting yesterday. It was pretty awsome. I allready new a couple of the members that are CPD, but I was amazed at how many members we have here. I guess it is one of the bigger detachments in the west. I heard before that there were 40 plus members, but yesterday there were more than that, and I guess only about half of the members were there.

They did a serimony for a local Marine, "Elmo Plat", from Kanaraville UT, that died on Iwo Jima, for his sister and family that attended. They took his medals, picture, and original flag that was given to his family, and put them together in a shadow box, for his family. They also gave a brief history, and read the last letter he sent home to his mom that stated: I am on an Island called Iwo Jima, and I am ok. The next day he was killed in action by a mortar, after allready recieving shrapnel in his stomache earlier that day, but still went back out to be with his brothers.

They also are involved in a ton of programs, helping out the community. It was a pretty motivating meeting. I am looking forward to the next one. Thanks to everyone that helped on the application process.