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Lt. William &quot;Chink&quot;Lowe, USMC <br />
4th Marine Bgd &amp; 90th Aero Sq. <br />
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Volunteer Warrior <br />
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From the University of Tennessee <br />
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More than 75 years ago, a young UT football hero soared...

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One time, when fog interfered with a training flight, youthful high spirits took charge. During their joy ride, Lowe and his pilot spotted an infantry regiment drilling in a field. &quot;We first circled...

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Chink and Nina were married early in 1923, and the following fall was his final season as a coach. That year the team was less successful, but on November 3, when his wife was at the hospital, presenting him with their first and only child, Margaret Alexander Lowe, there was a concerted effort by players and coaches to "win the game for the baby." That afternoon the Vols defeated Tulane, 13 to 3. Lowe was awarded the game ball, which he took home for the new family member.

He again became involved in sports four years later when the presidents of seven regional small colleges that made up the Smoky Mountain Athletic Conference decided a commissioner was needed to oversee conference affairs. Lowe was chosen for the new position, and he served the conference for several years, handling questions of eligibility and settling problems that arose. He strongly advocated "open payment" of college athletes, and he heartily applauded the Southeastern Conference when it approved scholarships for players in 1935.

Although he remained active in politics until his death in 1949, his personal political star never again burned so brightly as it did in 1920, when his wartime exploits were fresh in the public's mind. He made several races for Knoxville offices but without success. His statewide race for governor in 1946 was his last.

His sister-in-law, Mrs. Andy Lowe, now living in Nashville, says Chink was "a very dignified" individual who campaigned strictly on the issues and was not comfortable doing some of the things that help candidates win elections. "He would never kiss babies to get votes," she said.




Lowe earned the Distinguished Service Cross after downing two German planes.