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07-26-08, 07:33 PM
Ever since I first depped into the Marine Corps back in June of 06, I always came to Leatherneck.com to read topics and talk to Marines in the chatroom to keep myself motivated. Having getting into trouble in late April of 2007, I found myself kicked from the DEP and started using drugs.. The following Febuary of 2008, I started going to the poolee functions and talking to Marines on Leatherneck once again to give me the pride and spirit I once had. The following March I decided to DEP back in and stir clear away from old friends and bad habits. I was sent to bootcamp April 22nd and has had that same spirit ever since. I want to thank some of the mentors and Marines who helped keep me motivated at times I needed it the most.

07-26-08, 07:43 PM
Dustin,,,,,,,You made yourself,,,, Congrats, Bro.

07-26-08, 07:51 PM
Thanks alot Sparkie. I feel so refreshed like as if I was to being baptised. Being a Marine is like a lifestyle of higher standards.

07-26-08, 07:54 PM
Wait till your 60, still proud, and have a million Brothers,,,,,,,,,The feeling don't change.

07-26-08, 07:56 PM
Aye Sergeant.

08-14-08, 11:02 PM
Welcome aboard MARINE. You did it yourself, not us. We were the support. Semper Fi!!