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04-11-12, 09:45 PM
I enlisted in 1954, serial # 1481*** I don't remember the last three I lost my sea bag and the serial # was on it. LOL.

04-12-12, 01:36 AM
Oh yes remember the changeover - another of those political correct moves. We could no longer compute how long someone had been in our beloved Corps. Mine 2153xxx - yep remember it.

Sheila Hays
04-12-12, 01:21 PM
Plt.13A, Serial #W711***, Parris Island S. C. Sheila Hays

04-12-12, 02:52 PM
P.I. March of 1959 Ptl.116 Serial # 1841370

04-12-12, 07:38 PM
When were you in?

04-13-12, 09:32 AM
Yep, started mixing them when I got out in '72

04-13-12, 11:32 AM
P.I. August 1953 Plt 285 Ser# 1425569

04-13-12, 07:25 PM
P,I, #1991xxx and when I was getting out in 1966 the numbers wer I believe in the 205xxxx range...:)

04-17-12, 09:30 AM
I went in to the Corps in 1963; my serial number was 206XXXX.

11-18-12, 01:33 PM
P.I. 1959 Plt 343: 1808171

11-18-12, 08:27 PM
I enlisted in 1954 my # is 14819**.

11-19-12, 09:15 AM
I came in in 1961 and my # was 1960xxx

Sheila Hays
11-25-12, 07:28 PM
My serial #W711***, the W. is for W. Semper Fi.

Sheila Hays
11-25-12, 07:34 PM
Jeez, I messed up. The #was W711***, the W is for Woman. The W is for woman. Semper Fi. Sheila Hays.

William Hardy
11-26-12, 06:49 AM
Let's face it, if you have a real serial number, you are from a bygone day. Mine was 236.... and if I remember correctly, it was given to me when I signed the dotted line in Memphis after my physical in March of '67. I remember all the hoopla about using your SSN especially the statement that SSN was not to be used for identification. People still complain today, but let's face it. no matter what they used for personal identification, some crook out in the cyber world will figure out a way to steal it.

11-26-12, 08:36 AM
When I got out of active duty in 1966 some of the new guys that were coming in were using their SS numbers for service numbers. Mine Starts with 2050*** Semper Fi

11-26-12, 07:20 PM
I remember my service number from 1964. How could I ever forget? :flag:

Old Marine
11-27-12, 07:54 PM
Enlisted 7 July 1953. Service #141136*. Burned into my brain housing group.

Sheila Hays
12-23-12, 07:27 PM
I joined on Sept. 11, 1959, my serial #W711###. I didnt like wearing dog tags, they cause rashes. Graduated on Oct.23rd 1959, I cried when we gave our D.I. our platoon flag. Plt.13A. I had my EGA, we all worked hard for that. I believe all of us would not see each other again. Semper Fi. Sheila Hays. MyMOS was 4011, Data processing.

12-24-12, 09:15 AM
Then you should remember the hurricaine between August and September,( I belive), that flooded out 3rd bn and forced us out of our quanset huts and move to 2 bn. Even the steets of 2nd bn looked like a river.

02-08-13, 07:49 AM
During the early 60's it was easy to tell when someone went in by his serial number and the really salty guys had six digits in theirs, from WWII and before. I've heard since that unit cohesion is damaged to some degree by SSN's because the first three digits denote state of issue and this leads to regional bias.

02-08-13, 08:16 PM
I joined in 67 and all the way from Seattle to MCRD San Diego I was trying to remember my Social Security number only to find out that they were still giving service numbers. Mine was 231xxxx.

sgt morrison
03-23-13, 02:32 PM
I joined in Dec71, Plt 3133, MCRD San Diego. My original numer was 2786***. While in boot camp we were issued new service numbers. 5 weeks into boot camp we were notified of the change to SS# 492-**-****.

USMC Dec71-Dec75
Sgt Morrison

04-22-13, 04:19 PM
Mine was 1569081, issues to me Nov 15, 1955.
BTW silver dollar, how did you get the E4 Sgt stripes put up? I was a Sgt E-4 and still have my promotion warrent.
Ed Nichols

06-02-13, 12:09 PM
July 1964 Plt 160 SD MCRD my ser# was 21137$$. That I will never forget also my drill instructors names SDI gunny Bushman , SGT Trahillio SGT Morrey CPL Hannifan. I remember my hut was at the end of the runway, I left more rubber on the Grinder than on a drag strip, I hate ice plant to this day

06-02-13, 12:47 PM
From Nov 1955 to Feb 1956 Plt 176, 2nd Bn. Senior DI T/Sgt Oyler, Jr DI's Sgt Carpenter and Cpl Strong. About a few years later, I was a "Buck" Sgt with the 9th Marines, Japan when a Cpl Strong reported for duty. Of course he didn't remember me but I remembered him. He caught a few nasty details from me but all in all. I was easy on him. After all those years and still a Cpl? Hmmmm, tell you something?

William Raybold
06-03-13, 11:32 AM
July 31, 1961 Platoon 350, Parris Island S/N 1966483. My Sr DI was SSgt Felix McHale. We graduated on Oct. 24, 1961. The proudest day of my life. I'll never forget coming home on boot camp leave wearing my dress greens. Semper Fi Brothers

04-21-14, 06:08 AM
August 1964 PISC, Plt 378, "Q" Company, 3rdRTR. SDI Sgt P.C. Formaz. Ser# 20965XX

07-31-14, 02:02 PM
Mine was 2*****4 in 1968. I actually still remember all the numbers.

William Raybold
07-31-14, 03:42 PM
Started at Parris Island 53 years ago today. S/N 1966483

11-22-14, 10:30 PM
When I was getting discharged @ MCAS Cherry Point in August 1971. they issued me a Marine Corps Reserve ID card with my SSN typed below my service number. I was also told it was a DOD change and...

11-22-14, 10:35 PM
Joined May 20, 1969 (PEBD)

s/n 25****5

04-21-15, 04:05 PM
started at parris island 1956 serial no 1521762

04-21-15, 05:10 PM
Mine was 1960759 never forget that number!!!!

Melvin Jeffries
04-24-15, 08:25 PM
August of 1961 MCRD, like many others have said I never have forgot that number 1954xxx, it stuck like glue. Will be 72 next month and I will say I have forgot many things but never this. No matter how old we get we all remember that we are still Marines.

04-24-15, 08:58 PM
Melvin, I graduated from MCRD, San Diego in September 1961 (Platoon 244) and my serial number is/was 1964391. AND you are right, it does stick like glue. Also agree that NO MATTER HOW OLD we get (will be 74 this year) we will all remember that we are still Marines. Semper fi Brother.

04-25-15, 07:22 AM
I went in Aug. 1961 and was in Platoon 162

04-25-15, 01:10 PM
Perhaps I'm paranoid but be careful of where you display your complete serial number. Enterprising hackers can use it to access your personal information, i.e., full name, serial ##, when/where you entered military, training, and so on. Best to release first three digits like last four of SS## to protect yourself. And if you disclose your SS# as was once required, double jeopardy. Be safe.

Semper fi,

radio relay
04-26-15, 08:00 AM
Yeah, definitely not a good idea to post your entire service number ... Mine was 242****. My "original" dog tags from boot camp had the "tooth notch", too.

True story, I lost my first set of dog tags in a ***** house in Bangkok (they called it a "massage parlor") while on R&R.. My second set didn't have the notch, and came with my ssn, instead of my serial number. I lost that set, too.

04-27-15, 12:18 PM
Yes, you could tell pretty much when a Marine had joined by the first couple of numbers in their serial number. And it was part of the fun to be able to profess your saltiness as your serial number became lower in the stack, so to speak. Mine was 198xxxx. Really, did they change to the ssn because those Northen boys couldn't remember their serial number and their date of birth and their ssn all at the same time??? Naw not true!!! :)

Melvin Jeffries
04-30-15, 11:21 PM
Looks like there were 3 of us that were real close on the times we were at MCRD as per the post on here including TECK. I remember it was so hot in Aug or Sept that DI had us doing pushups on the...

Melvin Jeffries
04-30-15, 11:33 PM
Semper Fi TECK, we were right there together, I am thinking I was in Platoon 157 but age can play tricks and I would assume you are right there with me as far as age goes, I turn 72 next month.

05-01-15, 10:47 AM
Did you get the 4 month extension? It went into effect on my discharge date. <br />
20 Aug 1965

Melvin Jeffries
05-01-15, 04:36 PM
Sure did Teck! I was chief legal clerk/court-reporter for 1ST MAW at Iwakuni when I found out about it. I worked with a bunch of lawyers and one of them wrote up a brief for me to submit to Hq Marine Corps protesting the extension since I volunteered to do a 3 month extension to be able to transfer to Japan. It fell on deaf ears of course because they said my volunteer extension did not count.

11-13-17, 10:58 AM
1963 Gen Krulak came to see Operation Shuy-Fly at DaNang an that evening walked into the room we used to watch movies and asked "DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?" One of our LCpl's answered, "WE DON'T HAVE ANY POPCORN GENERAL!" That night his C-130 took off with on or his aides and flew to MCAF Futima. The night we had the MCAF Futima base theatre's popcorn machine with all their supplies for it up and operating. He was not a Manager. Instead he was a LEADER!

11-13-17, 11:07 AM
I joined USMCR in Aug 59 in Springfield, ILL and was assigned service number 1810XXX. Went to PI Aug 1960 and everyone in my platoon had a 19XXXXX service number. In 1962 at Camp LeJeune ran across a Cuban Marine with a 2XXXXXX big time service number when we were just beginning to see the 20's. I challenged him only to discover Cuban's enlisted in the USMC under some special contract were assigned this series in case of Revolution in Cuba hey could quickly be identified and released to fight against him. Had a hell of time verifying it was true as it was classified at the time. Then we all took a boat trip down but didn't get to visit after the Russian's pulled their rockets/nuclear stuff back home.

01-24-18, 04:18 PM
I enlisted in August 1971 and started boot camp on September 28 1971. My service number was 277XXXX. I went through ITR in January 1972. When I got to my first real duty station after ITR I was issued a new ID with my SS# on it. When it comes to service numbers I will forever be a (Boot)! LOL , SWIFFTTY