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05-17-08, 09:03 AM
ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!! He was meritoriously promoted PFC, he did quite well...

Main Scribe-Squad Leader-High PFT'ter I believe also...pretty good trash, ty all for helping us ino ur little questions and what not, good luck...:flag:

05-17-08, 10:04 AM

Welcome home my PUPS....errr Marines! Follow the linck to get squared away.

Semper Fi m brothers,


05-19-08, 04:39 AM
FVCKIN A! CONGRATULATIONS MARINES!!!! I'm proud of the both of you! Enjoy that leave, you know you earned it!

05-21-08, 03:09 AM
Yeah, what were the chances skaterjon and I would be in the same platoon. Pretty motivating trash there. Skaterjon did very well too, rarely had to yell at him. He was always squared away and doing the right things. Private Guardado is a good Marine and will continue to be a good Marine.

Also, thanks too to all the people who answered our questions. A big help and special thanks to davblay who sent us tons of motivating letters through out boot camp. Was a big help. Thank you all!

05-26-08, 04:37 AM
Welcome Home, Marines!
Congratulations and well done.
ooohrah, Hollywood Marines.

05-26-08, 04:43 AM
Bootcamp was some good trash...