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08-19-07, 02:06 AM
Marines Live and Die every day

Some people think that when people die that God takes over, well in most cases that might be true, but in a Marines live it is just a beginning. To most people Marines are tuff men and women who just want to look good in their suit. That is so far from the truth, because a Marine will end most letters with a word that most people do not know, and we called it the word, Semper Fi. To use a word like this means very powerful words to us, that we live and die by, do not ask us why because we know who is out there to look after us. You might run but you cannot hide from a Marine, because we will find you and help you if you like it or not. We will not turn are back on you why you ask, it is because we are a Marine, strong, fit, and willing to go in a minuets notes. To help some one in another country, we do not ask why because we know, it is our calling. We as Marines train hard, just for the day to come, because we live and die for you, not because you are a different color, or a different religion. No because we know you want to be free, when a Marine takes a oath, it is just like when two friends cut their fingers to be blood brothers, it is not just the clothe you wear, or the Marine Corp emblem or your cover or hat as you would call it. This is much deeper then any one can even picture, a Marine is always there, just behind you. One day in a store or just down the road, you may not see him but he is their. Just waiting to help you when the time is right, just maybe it is as simple as opening a door for you. One day takes a second and look in his eyes, and the way he holds him self, tell and pound, and just might be five and half feet tall, but just look at him how pound. A Marine still believes in the red white and blue, and unbelievably a Marine still believes in freedom, for people. Some people think that we need less men and women in the military that so far from the truth, men, and women like us keep you self. A Marine hates know one, we are just doing what we are trained to do, and that is not to kill like most people think, but to save lives. To me that, sounds like a good thing, death is just apart of a Marines life’s, is a new beginning for us not the end, God is not mad at us, he see a men or women standing at the gates of heaven, in full dress blues, he then will salute us. We will get the aliment honor to go past him, and meet all the others Marines that we just had the honor to read about in are history books. To a Marine there is on ending, just another place to go. Therefore, mom and Dad do not worry about us to much because we have people in high places looking out for us. So if I die tomorrow, do not fill sad for me, look at it this way, my soul will go to fight another battle, somewhere. The person lying down on the ground is another Marine, at place, so in the end you did not kill a Marine you have just created two Marines, you lose one, but you gained two, to me that is not bad.

08-19-07, 10:30 AM
OoRah Devil..... well put

Semper Fi