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The future is not the son of Desert Storm, but the stepchild of Somalia and Chechnya."

- General Charles Krulak, USMC

"It may not be war, but it sure as hell ain't peace"

- Major General Steven Arnold, USA - on Somalia

Welcome to the Urban Operations Journal. This site is designed as an online aid and web portal for members of United States, allied and coalition military services researching urban military operations. The intended audience also includes civilian members of the U.S. Department of Defense and defense contractors who are attempting to find solutions to the problems inherent to this most difficult operating environment.

The Urban Operations Journal also contains original material submitted by site visitors as well as urban operations related studies, papers and articles that, if not posted here, would be "gathering dust" on the shelves of our military and civilian institutions. The successful conduct of urban operations is difficult at best and we can ill afford to relearn lessons already learned or to ignore the problem - we cannot "wish it away" in anticipation of the next Desert Storm.

The Urban Operations Journal is a private site and as such does not reflect the official policy or opinions of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense or the Services.




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Link's down... looks like they lost their domain.